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  • 2614 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    there is a family of degenerates and gang members that owns the apartment building at 2614 central ave. They are the worst neighbors you could ever imagine: constantly throwing loud parties almost every day and night, keeping 3 dogs locked up in one of their tiny apartments 24/7, never taking them for walks and forcing everyone in the area to listen to their shrieking barking multiple times a day, every day, including at odd hours of night past 10 pm. Pulling up into their carport in their loud obnoxious SUV blasting vulgar rap music from their high powered subwoofer system at 2 and 3 AM on purpose to wake me up, harassing me and my guests when they come up to my apartment in retaliation to me filing noise complaints against them, screaming loud, using a storage container in the back of their carport as an illegal housing unit for one of their gang member family members, letting off illegal fireworks, etc. they've been permitted to harass me every day for the past year with impunity thanks to the corrupt APD refusing to enforce noise ordinance and act even after I provided them with about a year's worth of video evidence of the harassment. in addition to the family that owns the building (whom live in units #E and #B), there is also a number of other degenerates living there. There's an alcoholic/drug addict who lives in apartment #d, who has a habit of coming home at odd hours of the night (usually between midnight and 3 am) drunkenly shouting with his friend who drops him off in a pickup truck, singing loudly and playing loud music. there's also another loud family that lives in #A who routinely throw loud parties and intentionally keep their door open so that everyone else is forced to hear it. the degenerates who own this building often leave their apartment doors wide open so we can all enjoy the sounds of their drunken shouting, partying, and the deafening barking of their undisciplined and unwalked 3 dogs they keep locked up in their apartment 24/7 without ever taking them for walks, except for taking them out in their carport for 5 minutes a day to poop. according to one of my other neighbors, he told me that virtually every tenant that has lived in my unit for the past 10 consecutive years has complained about the people at 2614 central. apparently there is a long and established history of complaints about them dating back 10 years, and even my landlord knows about them. they apparently used to break into our laundry room so they had to put a lock to keep them out. these people are the worst neighbors you could ever imagine, im not even slightly exaggerating .living next door to them is an unbearable nightmare and they go out of their way to intentionally harass me, hurling insults at me every time i look at my window, shining flashlights in my window, recording me while im in my bedroom on their phones to brag to their friends on social media about how they're waking me up at 2 am with their subwoofers, etc. city has ignored the problem for a whole year. they assigned a corrupt police officer to this case who did nothing but berate me and downplay the issue. that officer also leaked my personal information to this family so they could use it to harass and stalk me.
  • 300 Wind River Way Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    At Windriver there is a growing encampment with 12 chairs and a couch chained to the sea wall
  • Police -General Acknowledged
    1523 Clement Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Sunken boat, about 30 ft long, in Encinal Basin, southeast corner.
  • 2388 Mariner Square Drive Alameda, California - Alameda
    Homeless camp expanding in this area. Two pit bulls running unleashed. Trash dumped along Marina Village Parkway.
  • 628 Taylor Ave Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Last thread on this subject was marked closed. Please do not mark closed until an issue has been taken care of. The corner of Webster and Taylor continues to invite homeless and is getting worse. Please contact property manager of the lot. photo taken 9/27 @3:00pm
  • 401–445 Mosley Ave Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
  • 1435 Webster Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    The empty lot and the area around it need a complete cleaning. There is trash, liquor bottles, surgical gloves and countless piles of dog poop. Some of it is on private property and some on public property. There is also graffiti on the property. The sidewalks are filthy. Is this the best that the City of Alameda can do? This hurts the neighborhood and local business.
  • 720 Atlantic Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    I have witnessed enough drivers making right turns off of Webster onto Ralph Appezzeto, and those turning right off of Ralph Appezzeto on to Webster, who are not observing pedestrians in the crosswalks that I am taking the time to write. Today was the most dangerous I have seen. A co-worker was almost hit by two autos --the lead car making a right turn off of Webster onto Ralph Appezzeto, and the car behind that followed -- were both traveling fast, and neither observed the pedestrian walk sign or my co-worker step off the curb. I saw it all from the same cross-walk coming from the opposite side of the R A Parkway. I have too often had to catch the eye of drivers making turns on both corners. I know all police departments are challenged with never enough staff available to help every traffic situation, but this intersection could use whatever help you can provide. Perhaps, just their presence at that corner can help. Drivers are simply not looking for pedestrians making the initial cross in the designated walk on those corners.
    My thanks for your time,
    Cheryl Peel
  • 1400 Bar & Grill 1400 Webster St, Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Had lunch at 1400 today. At around 2:30 p.m., about a dozen motorcycles were running red lights at high speed all along Webster, heading for the tunnel. Saw no police. Is this typical?
  • Encinal Basin Alameda, California - Alameda
    This morning there were over 9 boats dumped in the Encinal Basin. The majority of these boats were towed into the basin by a man n a small dingy boat. In the last couple of years, this continues to be a problem causing garbage in the basin and people from the boats climb the ladder to chairs that they have chained to the fencing at the end of the basin , along with tables, and have gatherings there. So far two such boats have sunk in this basin causing the city to retrieve the boats at great cost but also as important leaving a large spill of oil and other damaging substances from when the boats sink. I don't understand why this continues to be allowed to this point. PLEASE use our harbor patrol boats and officers to take care of this matter before another boat sinks!
  • Constitution Way Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Large homeless encampment forming in park between Webster and Constitution overpass.
  • 1561 5th Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    1561 5th St ... This house recently vacated by elderly owner has become an attractant for dumping trash and worse. A few weeks ago, there were twelve police cars surrounding this same house when it was broken into. The property is directly across the street from a small market and there is daily smoking & littering by folks loitering on the front steps and up on the porch.