bartlett park crime watch

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East side of midtown


  • 924 19th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Commission District 7
  • 501 24th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Harbordale Neighborhood Association
    between 24 and 23 ave s. side walk covered with limbs
  • 2320 5th St S Saint Petersburg 33705 United States - Harbordale Neighborhood Association
    People living in yard under tarp held up by fence. Is this zoned as a campground?
  • 1299 5th St S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    1299 5th st s. Overgrown. Again. Can you imagine owning a property and never maintaining it for over TWO years? And instead just letting your neighbors foot the bill via their taxes?
  • 1215 5th St S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    This house is a drug den with multiple occupants. Littering neighboring property with beer cans. Yard with mattresses and other junk all over the place.
  • 969 James Ave S Saint Petersburg 33705, United States - Commission District 7
    I assume the picture says it all! The website doesn’t list an address for this vacant lot : it is two houses in, so it’s the third lot east of10th St., South on the north side of James Street South. Plus all you do is drive down there if you cant see all that trash then...
  • 420 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    Piece of furniture dumped at the edge of Booker Creek on city owned lot at the southwest corner of 11th Ave S and 4th St S. Also brush pile left in middle of lot needs to be collected.
  • 865 Marion Ct S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    There is a big chip/damage to the handicap access to the sidewalk! I just fell on my WTH my Walker and the damge to me is yet to be known! I am 70 yrs old! Rolled in the standing water and now I also smell of sewage! This is a busy intersection with bus stops! and children!
  • 911 11th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, FL 33705, United States of America - Commission District 7
    I feel sorry for the family dollar that they are located in an area where the residents think the parking lot and the grass is a litter basket. However Family Dollar located there because that's their client base. So please insist that they, daily, pick up all of the trash scattered on their property because if they don't it just blows on to everybody else's property. They were cited for this and they picked up their parking lot ONCE. They need to be told that they have to do it every. single. day. they chose to locate their business there!
  • 1021 James Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Residents and owner of home keep using their backyard as a dumping zone. It is absolutely disgusting and is causing major rodent problems at all of the neighboring houses on the street. I have had a major infestation of rats and mice due to the storage of junk and garbage all of the property, mostly in backyard, but front yard also. This needs to be stopped once and for all. The owner of the home keep disobeying all requests from codes over the past year and keep loading up their yard with junk and garbage.
  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    679 13th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    Boarded up house. Thought we were trying to NOT be a "blight" area??
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Street S And 11th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    The walkways surrounding the cemetery are not maintained. Leaves, dead brush and trash cover the pavement and the easement. Today I picked up 5 large bags of trash but feel it is the responsibility of the cemetery to take care of this property. At the very least they should maintain clear walkways.