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  • 544-560 S Main St Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    Homeless encampment
  • 300-360 E 9th St Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Transients have made their home in a tent at victoria park. Steps away from the building and play area. This should not be acceptable. Please remove them.
  • W 10th St & S Main St Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    One or more people living in a tent up next to church building for a few weeks now. Have seen more traffic in that time that appears drug related. Today, an SUV stopped nearby (I have plate number if needed) and man went to back of vehicle and appeared to be mixing something. Then before he pulled away, a woman got out of vehicle and walked directly to the spot where the tent is.
  • 702 W Grand Blvd Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    720 W. Grand Blvd is having another garage sale today 3/19/21. They just held a garage sale on 2/18/21 (no permit). They do this every week.
  • 312 E Tenth St Corona 92879, United States - Corona
    Massive gambling ring at Victoria park been going on for years, city and officers turn a blind eye. Only growing larger and attracting an even larger crowd and a bad element for a children's park. The gambling men also bring with them alcohol in brown bags, smoking, littering, and just bad vibes in general. All of this goes on not even 10 feet from children's playground. Need I mention this is a DAILY issue from lunch time to sun down, park is unusable. Does this need to be brought to the city council for a change to happen?
  • Victoria Park 312 E 9th St, Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Not sure which department gets this request. People have been using the bushes at the park, specifically the corner of 9th & Howard as a bathroom. They also are using peoples property in the alley that runs behind Howard & Victoria. Can the cleaning crew that cleans City Park hit Victoria Park and the alley behind Howard & Victoria? it is becoming a health issue not to mention the smell.
  • 900-948 S Howard St Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    Confronted by young male while enjoying the weather in front yard. all bcuz i would not say hello to him. i now fear for safety at my own house. Victoria park is being overrun by a bad element, and the city has given up on this park/area it's a shame bcuz it's in the middle of the historic homes. from the looks of it, the people who drink and smoke at the park EVERYDAY are creating a gang, am i exaggerating? you be the judge. Why is this area being thrown away? if anyone is interested in bringing this matter to the city council members we may need to band together.
  • 406 S Joy St Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Hi maybe about three nights ago I was getting a toddler bed that I had recently purchased for my daughter. From where I parked my car in the street I could see you one of the side walkway to the back of my house which there is no fence there is a fence from the front and side and back but it's open the front fence so you could walk into the side to go to the back. As I was walking back from my car into the house I had left the trunk open because I still wasn't done getting things down I saw like a body figure sitting down with they're back against my house. So I initially asked who are you he said in this was a male I couldn't see cuz it was dark and he was wearing dark clothes he said his name was Edwin so I told them where do you live. Also FYI we have a little studio and a two bedroom house in the back but we have lights on every night. And he said I live in one of the houses in the back get this this guy has a really strong Hispanic accent and the two males that live in the back the Caucasian.right away I knew he did not live here so he started saying come here look come here let me show you something come here like if I was a child I'm 28 years old my husband was inside with the kids so I told him okay I'll go right now let me just put this down so I got scared I ran inside and when he saw that I ran inside to get my husband he booked it I wasn't able to see who he was the only thing that I got from him is Edwin he had a dark beanie on I'm pretty sure he was homeless because he was sitting right under where are heater is located inside the house and he comes out of that part of the house. Maybe he was just trying to stay warm but the thing is that we don't even feel safe around or inside our house that is not right we need to do something about this. Homeless are taking over this city horribly!!
  • Victoria Park 312 E 9th St, Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    A group of youngsters loitering he park smoking pot drinking alcohol can’t allow my kids play comfortable. They urinate in the bushes all day they stay sleeping in the playgrounds. There is a ridiculous that the police never patrolled the park.
  • 203 West 6th Street Corona, California - Corona
    WHY has this outdated campaign banner not been removed?
    Why has the City of corona not taken it down and fined the candidate who lost the June primary bid and is NOT on the November ballot?
    According to city/county codes he had 30 days to remove these signs, the time is long overdue! It is an eyesore and has been reported by myself and others but no action has been taken by City of Corona. This is NOT a sign for the upcoming election and could be confusing to voters! This is right downtown, plenty of City employees must drive by this everyday including Code enforcement and maintenance.
  • E 8th St & S Victoria Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    This car has been on jacks for almost 3 weeks at the corner of eighth and Victoria. Apparently this is where all cars go to die and they sit there until we caring citizens submit this. Can someone please remove this hideous broken down jacked up car?
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    650 S Main St Corona 92882, United States - Corona
    Homeless encampment starting outside emergency exit from staff parking at library.