corona historic circle

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historic circle watch area


  • Above Upper Drive Illegal Fireworks! Eggs Being Thrown At Parked Cars Corona, CA - Corona
    Huge illegal fireworks above Upper drive east of Fullerton in homes above Upper Dr
  • 321 W 4th St Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    Green mini van with flat tire
  • 801 S Victoria Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Once again some lazy imbecile decides the city is there trashcan and just dumps a piece of covered white furniture on the curb at the corner of 8th / Victoria
  • 724 S Victoria Ave Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    Why is it acceptable for these people to set their junk out at the curb EACH wee. As homeowners it is really annoying k
  • 312 East 9th Street Corona, California - Corona
    Their is Graffiti located in 4 spots at Victoria Park. The first spot is by the doors facing the parking lot. The next spot is on a park bench near the parking lot. Third, is on the tiny wall near the playground equipment and near the sidewalk in front of the building. The last spot is on the building near the North gate.
  • Victoria park Archived
    9th And Howard Corona, California - Corona
    Building heavily graffitied last night
  • 731 Park Lane Corona, California - Corona
    Sofa and couches dumped in alley behind houses
  • 1139 E Grand Blvd Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Is the city planning on replacing trees along this area of East grand and across the street where trees are now gone? I live across the street and see nothing but bare parkway. Would be nice to have some new trees considered
  • 312 E Tenth St Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    Homeless encampment blocking entrance to Victoria Community Center. Trash everywhere.
  • Other Archived
    650 S Main St Corona 92882, United States - Corona
    Please remove feces from stairwell at delivery entrance off Main Street.
  • E 8th St & S Victoria Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Please have this broken down vehicle towed. It is filthy dirty has been parked here for months, has cobwebs all around it and flat tires. Thank you very much
  • SMOKE Archived
    1114 E Grand Blvd Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Every night for about a 2 months, there is is a smoldering smoke. Someone on Victoria or Ramona is burning toxins all night long, I can't even open my windows at night when it cools off, because the smoke is so thick. The smell is making me sick.