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  • 926 W Grand Blvd Corona 92882, United States - Corona
    Now that school has started this house and others on 10th and w grand are having daily use sales and the streets look like a messy swap meet. We need help preserving our downtown historic area as everything ends up being dumped in our alley ways!
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    512 South Belle Avenue Corona, California - Corona
    property has been divided to multiple rooms to rent to different families as different properties without license.
    I was going to rent the property however I saw how unsafe the location was then chose to not do it and said it needs to be seen by the city
  • E 6th St & S Victoria Ave Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    Palm fronds from city trees and litter are piled up on sidewalk adjacent UHaul building on Victoria. This has been there for many months. Needs clean up.
  • 312 E Tenth St Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    Mattress has been in same location for over a week
  • 312 East 9th Street Corona, California - Corona
    Graffiti near the entrance of the Victoria Room entrance at the park center. In red and black marker.
  • 312 East 9th Street Corona, California - Corona
    There is big black bold grafffiti on the back of one of the benches near the play ground at the Victoria Park. The wording is “” and is not only intimidating for the children to be around but it’s also very distracting..
  • 301–399 E 10th St Corona 92879, United States - Corona
    gambling, drinking, smoking, overall shady characters. Corona pd for whatever reason turn a blind eye to the issue
  • E Grand Blvd & S Joy St Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    Joy St park , Parkway are littered with Political signs from mostly one candidate. so is the Public parkway on all 4 corners of Garettson and Grand. The candidate (Richins) lives on that corner and is defacing the public spaces along the parkway.
    Candidates take an oath and get a manual not to do this. 3 signs per block are allowed and not on the public parkway. Please keep this to the legal amounts and off the parkway.
  • 707 S Main St Corona 92882, United States - Corona
    Gang tagging
  • 807 S Victoria Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    City tree at eight/Victoria is blocking all view from eighth Street and South Victoria at the stop sign. Sidewalk is even impassable.
  • 650 S Main St Corona CA 92882, United States - Corona

    Black graffiti:

    Yo soy loco
    Mr Casper
    lOS VNS Gng
    V Corona 4st

  • E 8th St & S Victoria Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    This home on the corner of Eigth and Victoria have had this old matress and coach on display for Free for months. Its disgusting and needs to be hauled off please