Town of Hempstead

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  • 1117 Norbay St Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA - Queens Village
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Meadowbrook State Pkwy East Meadow, NY 11554, USA - Uniondale
    Meadowbrook Parkway South Between Exits M1-M4 has many potholes especially in the right and center lanes.
  • 32 Sherwood Road Levittown, NY - Levittown
    I am requesting for additional Street Lamps for the corner of Sherwood Road and Loring Road. There are to many drivers who blow through the Stop Signs at night, not realizing children play in the streets.I believe that additional street lamps, would help the drivers see the Stop Signs at night.
    Another issue is underage drinking and drug use. To many kids are drinking and doing drug use in the street on Loring Road. I believe that additional street lamps, would keeps the kids, from parting in the street. This has been a problem here for years now.
    Once again, I believe that additional Street Lamps, would improve the safety of the neighborhood; and protect the young children. Thank You for your time!
  • Street Sign Archived
    103 Kingsbury Rd Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Missing vertical reflector on stop sign.
  • 298 Ernest Court East Meadow, NY - East Meadow
    The sump in my backyard have trees that have grown so big, they are shading the perimeter pine trees, and they have begun to thin out, and the trees are laying on the cables.
  • 735 Patterson Avenue Franklin Square, NY - Franklin Square
    The street light opposite 735 Patterson Avenue is out of service and needs to be repaired.
  • 1100 Peninsula Blvd hewlett, ny - Woodmere
    The street light in front of our house has been burnt out for over a year. We reported it a long time ago, and it was never fixed
  • Cypress Ave East Meadow, NY 11554, USA - East Meadow
    the whole blcok is just patched up pot holes. My teeth rattle everyt itme I head up toeards the elementary school it's so bad.
  • 201 Hungry Harbor Rd Valley Stream, NY 11581, USA - Valley Stream
    A few months ago a new traffic light was installed at this intersection. There is a left turn arrow from Brookfield Road onto Hungry Harbor Rd. However, there is no right turn arrow onto Brookfield Rd. from Hungry Harbor Rd. This causes confusion when the left turn arrow is on and the cars on Hungry Harbor do not know when it is safe to make a right turn. This should be corrected.
  • All Streets - Valley Stream
    The pot holes will be addressed, how about Newsday going after the "Illegal Roadside Advertisers" IE: I buy homes, I fix computers, I buy cars, Translators needed, Singles, Etc. Etc. Etc. Start a campaign labeled "Don't support Illegal advertisers" and the problem will go away. JMHO Brian McHale 516 459-2417
  • 3718 Franklin Ave Seaford, NY 11783 - Seaford
    The stop sign at the corner of Franklin Ave and Seamans Neck Rd was recently stolen. A letter was sent to the town, but we have not received a response for over a year.
  • 985-1001 S Oyster Bay Rd Bethpage, NY 11714, USA - Bethpage
    Numerous potholes across multiple lanes