Riverside CA City Call Center (Roughly)

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This Is the call center for Riverside California

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  • 7858 Orchard St Riverside, California - Ramona
  • 3535 University Avenue Riverside, California - Downtown
    The is a large pot hole and the surrounding pavement looks to be sinking.
    Please check it out. I think it's getting worse rather quickly.
  • 3068 Locust St Riverside, California - Downtown
    Alley vandalism between houton and 1st
  • Traffic light Archived
    6540 Streeter Ave Riverside, CA 92504, USA - Riverside
    If on central going west and at streeter turning south. The red light to turn south takes forever. I've been living here for over 16 years and this is a recent problem.
  • no permit Archived
    450 transit ave, Grand Terrace highrove, California - Highgrove
    tenant lives in the backyard in rv no permit and has so much trash heath hazzord
  • 6564 Old Settlers Lane Riverside, California - Magnolia Center
    the street light between 6564 & 6554 old settlers lane is not turning on at night. it has been off for more than a week.
  • street light Archived
    1502 Kirkmichael Circle Riverside, California - Canyon Crest
    street light has been out
  • 201 Bathurst Road Riverside, California - Mission Grove

    The Street Light on the corner of Bathurst and Cannon turns yellow then white and then turns off. Mostly off during the night.

    Believe the bulb needs to be replaced.

  • Riverside Fwy Riverside, CA 92503, USA - Arlington South
    Large graffiti tag covering the entire van buren blvd off ramp on 91 east. can't miss it, would snag a picture but it is from the freeway.
  • 7850 Orchard St Riverside, California - Ramona
    Police need to patrol orchard st cars drive way over the speed limit to many little kids on this street
  • 3417 Van Buren Boulevard Riverside, California - Arlington
    Pothole-Asphalt cratered, Number #1 lane-Northbound Van Buren Blvd just after clearing overhead railroad bridge.
  • 5535 28th Street Riverside, California - Rubidoux
    This street is very dark and is frequented by cars. It really needs a street light.