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  • 6101-6151 Overdale Avenue Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Hi! There have been 4 fatal or near fatal accidents in the last month at or very near the Overdale / Seminary intersection in Oakland. People drive extremely fast on Seminary and exit at extremely fast speeds from the 580E / 13 exit. Please place a 4 way stop or stoplight at this intersection immediately.
  • Park Blvd (From Oakland High To E-18th Street) Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio
    Lack of Speed Limit Signs on Park Blvd:
    Most drivers are not aware of the speed limit on Park Blvd from Oakland High School - E-18th Street
    "is 25 MPH"
    1) We will need to post more speed limit signs (currently only ONE is in place)
    2) We need to educate the drivers about the speed limit.
    3) We need to monitor it.
    4) Then, we need to enforce it and prosecute on those who do not obey the traffic laws.
    Traffic Engineering Dept and OPD - we need your help, please
  • 4871 Park Boulevard Piedmont, California - Glenview
    There is a sinkhole developing on Park Blvd across from St. James that is about 6" deep and getting deeper. It is likely associated with work that was recently completed in that location and I suspect related to leaking water pipes. It is dangerous due to its location in the street and depth. At a minimum promenant barricades should be erected until it's repaired. Really, take a look, this one is bad.
  • 7677 Oakport Street Oakland, CA - Coliseum Industrial
    There are numerous pot holes located all along Oakport Street, and it appears that with all of the rain, the pot holes are becoming bigger and more frequent. This is becoming increasingly worse for all of the people who travel this road daily.
  • 5435 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    The bend in the road where MacArthur meets Millsview needs a stop sign in both directions or speed bumps to slow drivers down. Drivers speed up and down MacArthur after the lights turn green at 55th and at the Mills entrance. I've only lived in this neighborhood two years and have twice seen that speeding cars coming down MacArthur have lost control coming around the bend and have crossed on-coming traffic and plowed thru the chain link fence into the Mills campus! Every time I drive up MacArthur around that bend, cars coming down the street cross the double yellow line because they are speeding and can not control their vehicles. Cars have come into my lane as much as 3 feet speeding towards me! There's also a cross walk across MacArthur at that intersection; the perfect place for a stop sign so pedestrians don't have to try to cross the street while drivers speed by at 40 MPH or faster. Something needs to be done to slow cars in both directions immediately!
  • 3860 Hanly Rd Oakland, California - Oakmore
    Both slides at Dimond Park have been boarded up and unusable for 6+. They need to be replaced or fixed so that kids can slide at the park! One slide is in the playground by the rec center, and the other is at the bottom of the park where Dimond St enters it.
  • tree debris Archived
    3338 Bona Street Oakland, CA - Bartlett
    A huge eucalyptus fell on tree in December 2012. The branches removed from roof January 2013. Branches are still on the front lawn, 3 months later. It's a fire hazard as well as a blight issue. (Also, tree trunk is still in backyard and in the creek behind it. It's a city tree)
  • Other: Signs Acknowledged
    2971-2999 55th Avenue Oakland, California - Frick
    Three way stop sign is urgently needed at the junction of 55th Avenue and Brann Street. Crossing 55th is incredibly dangerous, especially for the students attending the elementary school on Brann. Traffic along 55th is often speeding and doesn't notice the crossing pedestrians. And sometimes drivers don't want to stop and wait, instead they swerve out into the opposite lane, passing the cars stopped for the pedestrian, and endangering the crossing pedestrian.
  • High St & International Blvd Oakland, CA - South Kennedy Tract

    If anyone's ever tried to take High Street between, say, Maxwell Park or the Laurel to 880 or Alameda during the day, especially about 2-7pm, knows this horrific backup.

    Here's the situation: There are two lanes of traffic in each direction, no left turn lanes, no median barrier, no bike lanes, sidewalks abutting lanes of traffic (ie, no room to widen the street). The traffic light is on the simplest cycle imaginable: green for International, green for High, repeat.

    When the light turns green for High Street, traffic in the left lane almost invariably wants to turn left, and has to yield to oncoming traffic, blocking the left lane for most of the cycle of the light. Meanwhile, traffic in the right lane has to yield to the high volume of pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood, which can easily block the right lane. It is not uncommon for traffic to only be able to advance a couple of car lengths per green. To make matters worse, few drivers signal their intentions to turn, at best at the last second when it is too late to get out of their lane!

    While I don't expect any progress on Oakland driving etiquette, A left turn lane would alleviate a lot of this traffic. Perhaps signs at Courtland and 880 advising through traffic to take SR 77 (42nd Avenue).

    Here's my ideal situation for this intersection: approaching International on High (in either direction), there would be, from right to left, a right turn lane, a through traffic lane, a left turn lane, and the opposing through traffic lane, coupled with signalized left turns, in all four directions (there is already a left turn lane on International, but no separate signal phase). This geometry involves some slight weaving in the intersection, but only about as much as there currently is at High and Foothill. Of course, it means that technically, this would create a bottleneck as two lanes in each direction merge into only one, but one lane that actually moves would be a remarkable improvement over none!

    I have to drive this stretch of road multiple times a day, and I just can't believe how long this dysfunctional intersection has remained unchanged. Thank you!

  • 1362 Chatham Road Oakland, CA - Glenview
    Chatham Rd is the onramp to 580 West in this area. Chatham is a failed road. It is full of potholes. Many potholes are filled, but the road is still in extremely bad shape. It is dangerous for bicycles. This section will damage car tires.
  • 2215 Park Blvd Oakland, CA - Cleveland Heights
    Speed Limit Solar Sign ► Open
    2215 Park Blvd
    This 25 MPH solar Speed Limit Sign has not been working for at least over a year. Report has been made before but nothing has been done.
    This Speed Limit Sign is critical for the neighborhood because speeding vehicles are happening everyday.
    Elementary School crossing is a block and half away.
    Some go as fast ad 40-50 MPH.
  • Macarthur Fwy 580 West Park Blvd Exit Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park

    I reported this situation months ago on this site, but never even received an acknowledgement.
    When you exit 580 West at PArk blvd, you must drive down two blocks of frontage road until you actually reach Park. There are holes—MANY holes, big enough to bend an axle. I blew a tire in one of them months back. It looks as if the road has been bombed repeatedly. I have live near here for almost two years. It has never been touched. They are becoming craters, to the point where I must travel on other streets to get home.

    Many streets in much better condition get attended to. This is truly something that needs attention. PLEASE!!