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  • George Washington Memorial Hwy Gloucester Point, VA, USA - Gloucester Point
    It would be nice if VDOT could please fix the light cycle at the Coleman Bridge. Now that they have added a second light to another intersection in the Gloucester Point area, traffic backs up over the bridge in rush hour traffic. VDOT please fix the light cycle!
  • Brays Point Rd Hayes, VA 23072, USA - Gloucester Point
    All left turn lights on Hwy 17 in Gloucester should have a sign stating "Left Turn on Green, Vehicles yield to on coming traffic" or the such.
  • pothole Archived
    Tidemill Rd Hayes, VA 23072, USA - Gloucester Point
    There is a growing pothole on this side of the bridge over the creek.
  • Killdee Dr Gloucester Point, VA 23062, USA - Gloucester Point
    The VDOT contractor cleaning culverts ripped up Killdee Drive. VDOT employee just stood by and watched. It has been months and it still hasn't been repaired.
  • 1640-1690 George Washington Memorial Hwy Gloucester Point, VA 23062, USA - Gloucester Point
    Many deep potholes in Gloucester Point and the Hayes area that need to be fixed. Thanks!
  • Route 615 Willis Road, Gloucester, VA 23061 - US Congressional District VA1
    Potholes so bad throughout the entire road. Missing gravel, mud ruts, etc.
  • Between 22nd And 23rd Streets Behind Richmond Hill Richmond, VA - US Congressional District VA1
    The brick and paved walkway leading from the corner of 22nd and Franklin streets up and around the hill to the corner of 23rd and Grace streets has been broken, weed-covered, and dangerous for several years (since the devastation of Storm Gaston!). It is the best route to walk to or from Church Hill and Shockoe Bottom but remains difficult-to-impossible to traverse. In addition, there are still large tree branches on and along the route. The stairway leading from 22nd and Franklin up behind Richmond Hill was finally repaired a couple of years ago, but the sidewalk remains an unsightly and perilous blight.
  • Glass Road Hayes, VA - US Congressional District VA1
    Glass Road from Low Ground road East to State Road 656 has a lot of pot holes and needs to be repaved (Tar & Gravel) and new stripes painted.
  • 5 pot holes Archived
    7834 Killdee Dr. Gloucester Point Va - Gloucester Point
    potholes on Killdee Dr, Gloucester Point 23062
  • 6921 Walton Ln Gloucester, VA 23061, USA - Gloucester Courthouse
    Cars coming into Walmart from RT17 are not yielding to allow cars leaving to cross into the traffic circle;nor are those coming from Home Depot, Verizon area. The traffic circle has a four way yield which is not being properly used & will eventually lead to an accident.
  • 6340-6460 Hickory Fork Rd Hayes, VA 23072, USA - US Congressional District VA1
    first half mile of this road is nothing but holes
  • Intersection Of Va-7w And Us-50w Falls Church, VA - Spotsylvania County
    There is a part of US -50W where people are required to merge from the 'service road', basically where they just turned from VA-7. Within that very short stretch of road between turning onto the 'service road' and merging onto US-50W, there is also oncoming traffic. They have a Stop sign and are required to stop until traffic ceases in the opposite direction, while those making the merge have the right of way. Many people, after making the turn, attempt or completely cross over the 2 solid yellow lines, into the lane designated for the oncoming traffic, in order to make their merge rather than waiting until the designated merge point. I see this at least 3 days out of the week on my drive home and am tired of it. Repaint the lines, post a sign, station a police car out there to hand out tickets - they could make their monthly quota within a week.