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  • Lucas Avenue Kingston, NY 12401 - Kingston
    Took my 2 yr. old grandson to Kingston Kinderland yesterday and saw that the playground is barely maintained. Swings are gone except for the baby bucket type. Chains are exposed. Sandbox is sparse and trash strewn.
    Paint is peeling. Wood is fractured/splintery.
    My daughter's pants were ripped by a wood sliver sliding down the main slide with my grandson. ***Most dangerous situation: A moving bridge on chains heading to the spiral slide has collapsed. Children and adults could get hurt there. I almost fell myself. The bathroom reeks of alcohol. A picnic table appears to be lopsided. Kingston Kinderland needs the community spirit again, 15 years later--this time to fix the playground.
  • 100 Kingston Plaza Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
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  • Washington Avenue And Shwenk Drive Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    The Southbound lanes on Washington avenue from Ulster Savings to Schwenk Drive need to be defined better and for a longer distance.
    People are confused and crossing the lines constantly. This is dangerous and causes traffic delays. The left lane should start further back by the Dutch Village driveway. It just appears out of nowhere.
    The center lane should stay constant and start further back.
    The right lane should start later since you can always make the right on red.
    It is very dangerous now as cars are often crossing over the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic. People who are not familiar with the road are confused and find themselves in the wrong lane all the time.
    It is a mess during the morning commute and dangerous. Please look into this issue and work with the State to fix it.
  • Kingston Plaza Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    I have reported this before and even received a written reply in the mail that the matter would be addressed, but the light is still too long and it doesn't seem to be timed right for any direction. A waste of everyone's time.
  • Wall Street And Main Street Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    A stop sign is needed for the corner of Wall St and Main St. (in front of Old Dutch Church) for South Bound traffic on Main Street. The visibility is poor and I have had many near misses!
  • 2 Westbrook Lane Kingston, NY 12401 - Kingston
    With all the foot traffic that comes and goes from both egresses to the Kingston Plaza, I would love to see the plaza become more pedestrian accessible. Crosswalks, pedestrian right of way signage, a sidewalk or walkway for both entrances. As someone who frequently walks to the plaza with my daughter to shop, I am constantly on guard for speeding cars, people who are taking turns too quickly/tightly, and those who are not paying attention in general. There is no place for me to safely cross from Clinton Ave. into the plaza from either entrance, and no place to cross from the sidewalk on Westbrook Lane into the plaza (or for that matter- no way to safely reach the businesses in the plaza). Has this issue been introduced previously? Is it a matter of privately owned and maintained property? What action needs to be taken to see this addressed?
  • Potholes Archived
    16 Hurley Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Huge multiple potholes at intersection of Hurley Ave. and 'Washington Ave. Kingston,
  • Washington Avenue Kingston - Kingston
    This property has been vacant and seems like it is abandoned. Weeds and overgronw grass make it look horrible
  • Washington Ave And Schwenk Drive Intersection Kingston, NY - Kingston
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Pearl And Wall Streets Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    Save fuel. Save time. Save money. Lower Carbon Dioxide and monoxide. Shut off the Walk/Don't Walk cycle at Wall & Pearl by St Joseph's School at night - perhaps after 8 PM - and don't turn it back on until around 7 AM.

    Of course, a simple red/amber blink cycle would be even better, but that is perhaps too much to ask for.

  • One Bad Egg Archived
    Boulder Ave - Kingston
    Rental house on end of Boulder Ave..very nice quiet and well kept neighborhood,except for this unruly,inconsiderate and otherwise menace to society.Traffic in and out all night,yelling and cursing in the street ,suspecting some aspect of drugs.The list goes on slum lord,unkept property,junk cars andparts allways confrontation with neighbors.Just tired of dealing with TRASH!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pit Bulls Archived
    Franklin St. Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Pit bulls all around this neighborhood -
    there are inadequate Fencing for them running loose in yards, etc. QUESTION: Are 3Ft fences adequate?? ALSO, I see young children holding them on leashes AND young men (who have trouble just holding up their pants) trying to hold on to these vicious dogs.
    This is an issue that should be dealt
    with pro-actively NOT AFTER some innocent child, etc. gets attacked. Is it safe to walk to the library or to the Hodge Center or even to come out of your house? How does the average layman determine which ones are friendly or NOT??? I see
    the Cat issues on the Agenda . . .
    what about Pit Bulls??