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  • Gerrish Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    Constant speeding up and down Gerrish with little regard to the stop sign at the corner of Tyler and Gerrish
  • 148 Meadow St East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The tenants of 148 Meadow Street have a dog tied up during times when the town noise ordinance is in affect. The dog is tied up and barks as early as 5:30-6:00 am and many nights after 10pm. The pit bull also escaped constantly and the owners have no control over the animal. With the warmer months coming and the many children in the neighborhood that play outside I am worried there will be a tragedy when this dog again escapes and the owners can't control it.
  • 208-246 Warner Rd North Haven, CT 06473, USA - East Haven
    Intersection of Warner & Half Mile going toward Northford. The bend turning right from Warner Road onto Half Mile needs to be widened! You cannot oncoming traffic around the bend. There are many school busses and Tilcon trucks using that road daily. You cannot see oncoming traffic in either direction due to the narrow curve. It really needs to be looked at before a headon collision happens. Please do something about this problem!
  • Parking Open
    5-6 Brookfield Rd East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The occupants of these two houses, across the street from one another, are CONSTANTLY parking all their cars in the road. They both have two perfectly good driveways to not block up the whole street, but they always do. Two cars cannot pass if they needed to at the same time. One house is right on the corner of Wildwood Drive, so if a car is turning left onto Brookfield Road while you are already coming down Brookfield, one of you has to stop. Forget about it when they have company.. you will have to squeeze your car right by.
  • 527-537 Coe Avenue East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven

    This is the MAIN ARTERY to the beach!! Its the street people, families, and runners take to get down towards the beach! There's a LOT of space to build a sidewalk, there's even a padded down path because so many people walk that route, yet for the 6 years that I have been in East Haven I have seen nothing done.

    I drive down this road every night and regularly see people walking on the side of the road in the dark, usually teenagers. It would not take much for a driver to accidentally hit them, especially in the areas where the side of the road is basically non existent!


    Adding a sidewalk here will not only make pedestrians safer, but it will encourage more people to walk to the beach instead of taking their car, which can help with the massive parking issue down there.

  • 45 George Street East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    This home has been burned and boarded up for at least four years. In that time nothing has been done to improve the home or demolish the property.
  • 33-39 Short Beach Rd East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The need for side walks for along Short Beach Rd in East Haven. People now walk in the road and the kids wait for the bus on this narrow roadway
  • 142 Mill St East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    Traffic light.
  • 122 Crest Ave East Haven, CT 06513, USA - East Haven
    theres a 2 way stop sign,but with the way cars fly around these roads there needs 2 b a 4 way sign
  • 2-32 Wildwood Dr East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    Will try to get a better photo in daylight. East Haven town hall can you please fix?
  • Charter Oak Before One Way Street - East Haven
    Everyday on several occasions a young boy is constantly flying down Charter Oak in a 99-2001 White Volkswagen Jetta. Speeds are in the 50-60mph range. Disregards pedestrians, other cars. POLICE TAKE NOTICE: Tonight at approximately 8:30-9pm two flybys with complete disregard for stop sign and speed limit. 50mph with increasing speed after the sign and up the hill towards the airport.
  • 263-357 N High St East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    Rental property right next to 95 exit ramp on No. High always has cars parked all over the front lawn. This property has two driveways, plenty of room to park vehicles! Parking on the lawn looks disgraceful.