Police District 10

Open Issues: 50 Closed Issues: 949 Acknowledged Issues: 21
Watching issues created after: 2009-01-08

This is the watch area for the New Haven Police 10th District.

Notified About

  • 176-178 Norton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Address had scheduled Bulk appointment but others dropped stuff on top of pile. Please note.
  • Graffiti Archived
    672-762 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    There is anti-police graffiti on the side of one of the "Royal Flush" porta-potties.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    33 Dickerman St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell
    Furniture dumped on sidewalk at this location. Please inspect
  • 53 Carmel St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell
    The family on the second floor of 53 Carmel St New Haven moved out & left box springs kitchen table chairs coffee table child's bed & other junk on the side of the sidewalk.
  • This morning, the traffic light was out at the corner of Edgewood and Ella grasso. As I approached the intersection I saw a cluster of three police cars, but no one was directing traffic. One officer was reading the paper and the other two were having a conversation inside their cruisers. Meanwhile cars were passing through the intersection with no signal to protect them.
  • 156 Osborn Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that mattresses were dumped in front of this location. Resident is requesting that they be removed. Please investigate and address this matter as soon as possible.
  • 47 Carmel St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell
    There has been a large couch & cushions on the sidewalk for a few days
  • 19 Carmel St New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Illegal dumping and garbage can tipped over possible homeless shelter
  • 269 Norton Street New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports furniture was illegally dumped in front of this property.
  • 78 Dickerman St. New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    2 Broken TV's
  • 214 Whalley Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    Random New Haven public works trash bins and recycling bins are constantly being abandoned on sidewalk due to liquor stores customers returning recyclables from stolen neighbors bins. There have been over a dozen in the last 30 days. Two are there now.
  • 44 Whittlesey Avenue New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that couch was illegally dumped near the vicinity of this property.