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  • Kimberly Avenue Bridge Between West Haven And New Haven - US Congressional District CT3
    The Kimberly Avenue Bridge connecting West Haven and New Haven is extremely dangerous and makes traveling between the cities by bicycle very difficult. The east-bound traffic heading for the I-95 on ramp treats the right lane as part of that ramp and routinely accelerates to 50+ mph. There is no shoulder, cars cut each other off to gain position, the lane is often littered with broken glass and in the winter, the sidewalk goes uncleared, forcing pedestrians into the road.
  • 100-174 Union Ave New Haven, CT - Hill

    In summer 2012, the Amtrak 2040 New York City to Boston high speed rail plan was revised to include a connection to Providence R.I..

    However, the route still bypasses Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven in favor of a route through Danbury.

    For the latest reports, please see

    Amtrak's high speed rail system from New York City to Boston should not bypass Connecticut's most economically vibrant cities. Additionally, adding a high speed route through Upstate New York and Danbury, instead of through an area that already has a large amount of existing urban infrastructure, would create more development pressure in environmentally sensitive areas.

    We should be focusing our nation's infrastructure investments into our most sustainable, economically competitive urban centers, not into "green fields."

    By point of comparison, the planned high speed rail route from Washington DC to NYC passes through the urban centers of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Newark -- not through rural and semi-rural areas.

  • speeding Archived
    Greenwich Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - City Point
    Another accident last night, car going 60 mph or higher! Why don't the police hide on 4th street with a speed trap? The mayor would be able to pay for the christmas tree! Cars constanly racing from stop sign at 2nd to 5th, and vice versa - it's nice out and it will be a tragedy for a child to get hurt/killed!
  • 375 Howard Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    parish house behind church at Lamberton & Howard is operating an illegal rooming house. Housing code violation.
  • 1 Union Avenue New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Downtown

    We have been experiencing an exceedingly great number of quality of life issues and crime around 1 Union Ave and we would very much like the New Haven Police Department to be fix the issues before the summer months arrive. We noticed the police department continues to bill the tax payers, yet are not providing even the very basic services that a police department is expected to provide. Crime is out of control; people are constantly shooting people and being shot, violence in general is beyond scary, and all other gang crime and drug crimes are becoming far too common and committed in the open. Traffic violations are out of control; there are speeding cars everywhere, basic traffic rules are disregarded by almost everyone, and people committing more serious offenses like running red lights and stops signs occur at a frequency that is beyond appalling. Quality of life issues are out of control; the list is so long and everyone knows it.

    Why don't you start by pulling people over for basic offenses like: no brake lights, headlights out, cracked windshields, missing plates, expired plates, tinted windows, loud mufflers, and loud music. If they have tinted windows, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they have a loud muffler, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they are playing loud music, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. I guarantee the results of following these very basic procedures will be noticed by ALL the City of New Haven residents and its out of town visitors. The people who value life and want a decent quality of life will be very appreciative.

    You say you cannot because you are undermanned/understaffed. Not true. You need to restructure your department. It is as simple as that. You also need to get your priorities straight. Why do we see countless officers all over town watching construction workers doing their jobs? Or, directing traffic like a flagman, at best? You say safety. Not true. Why not hire a real flagger who has been trained? Half the time these officers are sitting in their cars talking on their cell phones. Lately, we have seen not one cop at each construction site, but two, usually sitting around talking and not paying attention. All of these officers could, and SHOULD, be driving around pulling people over for the above mentioned quality of life and traffic offenses. Simple as that. Again, if they have tinted windows, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they have a loud muffler, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they are playing loud music, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. The procedure is simple and effective and has years of use behind it to back up its effectiveness.

    If you follow this simple plan that I have spelled out above (it doesn't require much brain matter), it is certain that this little town of 124,000 people can return to some degree of normalcy before the summer really gets going. I am sure there are many other New Haven residents out there that would agree with me.

    Thank you for your time,

    A New Haven Resident

  • Greenwich Ave & Howard Ave. New Haven, CT 06519 - City Point
    now that school is out, kids are constantly riding up and down
    howard and Greenwich on gocarts, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, etc. The noise is deafening. Why is this allowed?
  • W Water St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Long Wharf
    It's back. See photo. There will be a lawsuit here.can I opt my tax dollars out of the settlement?
  • 63 Spring Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill
    Between 3-7pm drugs can be purchased right out of the front yard of 63 Spring Street courtesy of the new 2nd flr tenants! 3 Mexican gentleman 'post up' on the corner of Spring and Cedar, in the front yard of 63 Spring, and in a green velour chair between the houses that enables them to sit behind the bushes in the yard. They just moved in a couple of months ago and now have a booming business despite the woman and son who also live in the unit. Too many drug addicts/ baseheads are now found lingering on this corner at nite and early morning. (Thanks for all your advice regarding calling the police. I called the narcotics division and reported the problem over 2 weeks ago) I appreciate your comments, but would appreciate your vote alot more. Thanks
  • South Water St And Sea Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    There has been excessive drug dealing on Sea Street and South Water St, (often done behind the Sound School buildings, dumpsters, etc.) Many residents have observed this on various nights and have called police with car descriptions (and eventually a license plate number, see the SeeClixFix issue entitled "NHPD Dispatch Refuse to Dispatch Officers" for more on this).
    On one night that an officer did respond, he told the resident that called it in that there is nothing he can do "unless the Sound School posts a 'No Trespassing' sign, since it is public property." I am told that the officer then left without getting out of his car.

    While I find this assertion hard to believe, I'd like to request that the city or the school posts appropriate "No Trespassing" signs so that the residents who live here might receive a better police response.

  • 1-61 Columbus Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    It's already a trecherous walk to the train station. This does not help.
    See photo
  • South Water Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    Residents of the City Point neighborhood have noticed an increase in drug dealing and other illegal activity in our neighborhood. At least 3 calls have been made to police regarding this activity which has always involved one specific car. An alert resident finally was able to get the license plate of this particular car and called it into police. The person who answered at dispatch asked what the block watch number for our neighborhood is. The caller did not know. The dispatcher said that without that number, she could not send an officer out. She did NOT send an officer out.

    This is concerning to me--and should be concerning to every New Haven resident. Can someone from the police department please clarify for me that officers will not be sent out--even if the activity is IN PROGRESS-- unless the caller has a block watch number? ( I'd also like clarification as to whether block watch numbers are even used to track calls and allocate officers anymore. I had been told that they were not. In fact, when I have called the police before to report a car break in, the dispatcher would NOT take the block watch number.) I think its important that residents AND dispatchers are made clear on these guidelines.

  • drugs Archived
    299 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - City Point
    all night long cars blowing horns..black kids 4 of them selling drugs in and out the house at 2 00 all on phones taking orders the buyer pulls up and they are served on3rd street or in front of the house.Where are the cops?