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  • Downtown New Haven, CT, USA - Downtown

    Copied email to Enginnering Dept, not yet answered:

    Dear Sir,

    First, I apologize if yours is not the right department for this issue. I would appreciate it if you would forward it to the appropriate department.

    This morning I was walking my dog on College Ave between Grove and Trumbull, when the dog suddenly cried out in pain and jumped into the street. He would not go back on the sidewalk, and so we crossed the street, but he was unwilling to step on the sidewalk at all, and panted in fear all the way home.

    The exact same thing happened last year on two separate occasions with my previous dog, who died this summer. At that time I suspected a voltage leak into the damp sidewalk and called the power company, but never got a response. The fact that this happened again with a different dog suggests that there is indeed a voltage leak.

    The area of the sidewalk where this happened is on College Ave between Grove and Trumbull, between the 6th and 7th streetlight, on the cemetery side of the street.

    I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated,

  • Cars go speeding up Mansfield Street at very unsafe speeds because it is just a long street, no stop signs or anything. Children are frequently riding bikes around as well, just seems like a terrible combination. Maybe adding stop signs or maybe even just speed bumps (or just those "rumble strips") to certain areas would help.
  • abused dog Archived
    17 Compton Street New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    A dog is being chained in the backyard of a illegal boarding house at 17 Compton Street and barks incessantly and is in distress. The owner abuses the dog, causing the dog to cry. The dog is sometimes brought into the house, but more often is chained in the backyard with no water and no food. Not only is this extremely hurtful to the dog, but it causes distress within the neighborhood. That dog must be taken away from the abusive owner.
  • Prospect And Sachem New Haven, CT - Prospect Hill
    I watched the Yale Police aggressively enforce bicycle traffic violations all summer. Now that Yale is back I see bicycles everywhere going thru red lights, cutting off pedestrians in cross walks and more. Once in a while I see a rider obeying the law. I actually had a Yale student say "are you serious" when I told them they were supposed to stop at a red light. I won't repeat what they said when I replied yes.
    Can anyone address Yale about promoting bicycle safety? Also why can't the Yale PD continue their enforcement thru the year or do they reserve summer time for going after Townies??
  • 31 Webster Street New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place
    I have seen hurricane winds with less debris. The Housing Authority had about 10 workers out-5 or so with hand pushed super blowers and 3-4 others with hand blowers directing leaves and debris into road. The dust alone made visibility low and rocks, sticks and other debris were pinging off my car. This made for dangerous driving conditions and THIS IS ILLEGAL !!!
    The Housing Authority should know better. I called the PD it was so bad. Unacceptable!!
  • SLOW SIGN NEEDED Acknowledged
    Compton Street NEW HAVEN, CT. - Dixwell
    Today my dog was hit by a MANIAC YOUNG LADY doing about 65 on this small one way street where there is a daycare as well we need a speed bump or something to slow these people down!!!! I will speak to our alderperson about this!!!!
  • 51-65 Sachem St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Prospect Hill
    Police please take note of bikers
  • 116 132 Goffe St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dixwell
    There is a traffic light here when you turn right onto Goffe from Webster. The sign clearly says "No turn on Red". This makes sense, this is located very near to a local park and elementary school. Yet, many people don't seem to know or care that this is a red light and treat it instead as a stop sign or a yield sign. I have been stopped at this light many times and been honked at by other drivers who want me to run the light, or sometimes they just go around, to the point where I now stick to the right half of the lane even though this is a single lane. The signs need to be made more clear and a police presence needs to be here to discourage those who would violate this traffic light. It's only a matter of time before someone, perhaps a student at the school, gets hurt by a speeding maniac!
  • 17 Compton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    17 Compton Street has now been taken over by the Bank
    It is still being used as a illegal Rooming House
    Dog feces& piles of trash on the property
  • Mansfield St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dixwell
    Several bike thefts in the past few months on this street- all involving dismantling of street signs that the bikes were locked to. Police report made in at least two incedences, but still an issue.
  • 139 Munson St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - New Haven

    It would be beneficial for police, especially the ones who are consistently parked on the corners of Winchester and Munson to enforce Noise Ordinance violations.

    Car stereos blaring vulgar music and window shaking bass are a prime example of noise pollution in our community.

    Not only offensive to me, the profanities that can be clearly heard are certainly not appropriate for our children.

    There is an ordinance for a reason, let's see it enforced!

  • 114-150 Mansfield St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dixwell
    Dozens of residents on Mansfield St ride bicycles on a daily basis, but there are no bicycle racks on the street. Presently people must hitch their bikes to whatever posts, fences, or signs they happen upon, making for awkward bike parking and putting the bikes at risk. Residents and students on the street would benefit from a partnership between landlords and Yale to provide one bicycle rack per block on each side of the street. This modest investment would promote sustainable transportation, deter bicycle theft, and possibly contribute to real estate values.