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  • 328-344 Temple Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Where are we with the Complete Streets project that's supposed to have been installed here to make this intersection safer? Ask anyone who regularly tries to cross here, in particular students of Timothy Dwight College: you take your life into your hands every time!
  • Bradley And State Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Another accident, as I write, due to a car pulling out of Bradley Street onto State Street. It is not possible to see oncoming traffic when pulling out of Bradley onto State. There are accidents at this intersection regularly. We have been asking for a solution, and reporting on the accidents, since March of 2012 when we filled out a Complete Streets Application. This intersection really needs a full traffic light. What needs to happen to make progress on this?
  • 300 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    DIRT BIKE ABD ATV MADNESS! Packs of masked Juvenile Delinquents again storming down streets and running through pedestrian crossings. They are masked and pop wheelies. The noise is unbearable and it is a grave safety hazard. Add this noise to the neat constant ambulance sirens and downtown becomes a ghetto all summer. I have reported this issue since 2006 but it seems like the local cops are overwhelmed by little boys needing to show off.
  • 755 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    This morning, as the Edgewood school crossing guard stood in the crosswalk holding her stop sign up, I stayed in the opposite crosswalk on Edgewood so my kids could cross the street and get to Edgewood school. A driver attempted to GO AROUND ME as kids were starting to ride their bikes across the street. I yelled at her to stop and she screamed obscenities at me, causing at least one child to start crying. Traffic calming measures around Edgewood School can’t come soon enough.
  • Near Exit 6 I-91 New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The City cleared a homeless encampment late last fall. The camp was by the banks of the Mill River. Land access is from the Willow Street entrance to Route 91. Here is the problem: Although the residents were expelled and their possessions impounded, many of those possessions - including furniture and trash - were simply left behind. There are at least three camps clearly visible from the river where lots and lots of stuff is just piled up to rot. This is not a good use of land that abuts onto East Rock Park! One nice young couple even bagged up their trash (at least 30 bin bags full) but it's still there by the riverbank. Can the sites be visited and cleaned up? It is really an eyesore for park users and will become a health hazard as the stuff decays.
  • 95 Fountain St New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    This is a very tricky intersection, and most of it can be attributed to the traffic light. My perspective is one as a pedestrian, often crossing with small children. Nearly every time we attempt to cross Fountain St, there is at least one car (often multiple cars) running through the red light. While the drivers should get some blame (please, police this intersection!!!), the traffic signals deserve some blame. It is a 4-way intersection between Harrison, Alden and Fountain, but Alden and Harrison do not line up with each other. For cars traveling North on Fountain, there are two traffic lights and it is not clear where you are supposed to stop. The second of the traffic lights is almost completely covered by a tree - also a problem. Drivers are often confused if they make it through the first light but see the next one. It is a long drive to make it through the whole intersection.

    This is downright treacherous for pedestrians. You really don't know when it's clear to walk through because so many drivers are confused (or just outright breaking the law). I would suggest a longer yellow light, a clearer sense of where to stop, and patrolling. With multiple churches/temples, a post office, a library, chapel haven and Westville village all within a stones throw, there are many, many pedestrians coming through this intersection. Please make it safer for us!

  • 141-161 Pearl Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    A sidewalk is desperately needed on the New Haven Lawn Club side of the road from Orange to the Yale School of Management. This area is heavily trafficked by students, and I can't tell you how often they're nearly hit by cars. Some walk down the middle of the road with headphones in and can't hear the car horns behind them, holding up traffic. This road is extremely wide and could easily accommodate a sidewalk.
  • 347-351 Canner St New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    We need a pedestrian crosswalk on Canner Street near Loomis Pl and Division Street. This block of Canner has heavy foot traffic - including many families with small children! - due to the presence of two grade schools (Foote and Celentano), two day-care centers (in the Whitehall and YDS apartments), three apartment complexes (Whitehall, Ivy Manor, and YDS), Yale Divinity School, and the YDS community garden. A crosswalk would make our life here safer and easier.
  • Parks Request Archived
    138 Bradley Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    The Bradley Street Bike Coop, True Cyclery and Bicycle Education, Entrepreneurship and Enrichment Programs (BEEEP!, Inc.) are all located at this location, and all work hard to improve biking for everyone in the New Haven community. It would be fantastic if there could be a bike rack or two out front to accommodate the visitors and bikers on the street!
  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    432 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood

    This intersection has seen *three* crashes in just over a week: 7/28, 8/5, & just now 8/8. These are just the ones I've been home to witness the aftermath. At least one was very severe involving a motorcycle & car, & I don't know if the motorcyclist survived. In my eight years of living here, crashes at this intersection are commonplace. No hyperbole-- crashes here happen with scary frequency.

    It is clear, but I'd like the data to back up my assertion (who keeps crasj statistics?), that this traffic signal -- a blinking yellow on Edgewood and a blinking red on Edgewood-- is completely ineffective.

    The city can no longer wait. We need immediate attention & intervention at this intersection. How many more crashes & potential fatalities are necessary before action?

  • Orange Street Intersection With Trumbull Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Every morning at the corner of Trumbull and Orange I have the walk signal and people come flying off the highway with no care in the world that they have a red traffic signal. However, this morning was different. As I was crossing and always check before walking, 3 cars proceeded to come off the highway and just keep going. Not even stopping for the pedestrian walking. I yelled at one car but today there happened to be 3 cops standing on the opposite corner, just talking with each other and not paying attention to the pedestrian that was almost hit in the cross walk. So that is pretty cool. Thanks for caring about pedestrian lives and people running red lights. I understand there is more important issues but when it happens right in front of the cops eyes and nothing happens, that's a problem.
  • 241 Temple Street New Haven Connecticut - Town_Green

    Twice in the last week I have seen people peeing in public, once at a bus stop, and once on a tree in New Haven Green. Both times in broad daylight.

    Enough is enough. There are no portapotties. No bathrooms. Nothing.

    Given the homeless population in New Haven, as well as the people walking and visiting, I think it's insane that there are literally no public bathrooms downtown.

    I understand people probably pass out in them and deface them and do drugs in them but honestly, having people just peeing and doing drugs in public isn't significantly better. I would gladly donate to some kind of fund in order to get decent public bathrooms.