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  • Tree Trimming Archived
    1 Westerleigh Road New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    This tree is in need of coming down, loosing bark and falling
    in the street on passing cars and pedestrian. was suppose to be taken down in December 2017
    but never came back to finish the job.
  • 41 Quiuinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    There is a large tree in front of condo complex on Quinnipiac Avenue. It’s on the right hand side In front off 55 number. It’s the city’s tree, not the complex. Has large branches hanging down about to fall! Children walk this way to catch school bus and there is a lot of foot traffic as well. This issue needs to be addressed ASAP. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • Other Open
    Augustine St New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Extension
    Breach of peace and loitering and drive around the community starting trouble with 38D Jennings
  • Other Open
    Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Cottages
    breach of peace walks to close to apartments starting trouble and there are hooligans walk through the community
  • Other Open
    Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Extension
    There are mischief-maker throughout the community
  • 156-184 Church St New Haven, CT, 06510, USA - Downtown
    Nobody rides away free ...Yes we have discussed the open air drug market , the stench of it , like a Asian animal meat market.
    Pretty much common knowledge and agreed upon , especially that no one seems to care . Priorities ! Priorities are twisted , if not non existent,
    Well if you heard exactly what, who their concerns are one would be extremely appalled..Well one with ethics,morals decency , not much of that around
    these parts huh - Any sad apologist around ? No hired consultant begs to differ , or even try.
    Word about is that the Dueling Banjo Cities have a dire need for more Detective Sgt's , more Brass - Did you see all of the Ansonia Det.Brass in the press conference for that poor missing child ? Heavy presence there eh ? But not in the streets as far as we see..
    Someone or two added that if they actually cleaned up the dealing and using there would be no more need for more "Detectives" , or hires period..
    That and absolutely terrified to offend N.H., and the Politicos down there , municipal employs have relatives up here wheeling , Not going to like it when they apply for Public Works and Parks Department jobs.
    Campaign Finance of the former Mayor played into it heavy , they didn't want to play mud among themselves ,to many prying eyes , take a ride to the valley and hustle sales for the War Chest against the much feared opponent , Justinian ( who conquered) ..True dat, word has it some cop got lucky for $500. for a kid /ilk of theirs..Trade off was a failure..
    Even with the 1000 job promise by State Reps, Unions , Yale and City , 1000 job promise to hire locals..Even with that , such a disrespectful slap in the face of the people.
  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Chatham Square

    The Grand Ave Bridge Rehabilitation is proceeding on schedule. The morning of Monday April 13th concrete barriers will be placed in the road on the approaches to the bridge and the clock will begin on the 610 day bridge closure.
    Although there is significantly less traffic than usual during this pandemic we will be coordinating detour assessments and re-timing traffic signals to better accommodate motorists. We will periodically revisit signal timing and monitor the detour route throughout the bridge closure.
    The message boards at either end of the bridge will be updated to reflect the closure.

    CT Transit’s alternate bus route during the bridge closure will utilize Clinton to Route 80, to Walmart, with a shuttle running between Walmart, East Grand and Bella Vista. Additional information can be found at

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during the important work being done.

  • Olive St & Wooster St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    The Community Garden on the south east corner of Wooster and Olive Street needs a cleanup - could the Parks Department work with the youth at MBA who need community service hours this spring!
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    36 Watson Street New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    Alder Clyburn reports resident would like tree trimmed from wires but would like to see it come down and replaced by new tree.
  • Augustin New Haven, Connecticut - West Rock
    people drive come through and selling weed and
    and transpassing
  • Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Cottages
    walk there dogs to close to 38d Jennings Way apartment
  • 26 Huntington Ave East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex

    My neighbors are constantly putting their trash in my trash bin/recycle bins. They do not always pull their cans to the street on trash night and thus have full cans they can no longer add to. They then add their trash to our cans. We have to leave our cans close to the street because our house is on a hill so it’s easily accessible. This has been reported before and now it’s just become the regular thing for them since there have been no consequences. We don’t know what to do anymore.

    Their address is 32 Huntington Ave .