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  • Winchester Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Newhallville
    Work was completed a month ago
    Signs still haven’t been picked up along Winchester Avr
  • 88 Prospect St New Haven CT 06511, United States - Dixwell
    Someone dumped a shopping cart on the Farmington Canal trail (near Prospect & Lock Street intersection) I called Sav-A-Lot to ask if they would come out to get it, but the manager said no because the location is too difficult for them to access
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    95 Bellevue Rd. New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    An ash tree in our front yard is all but dead for several years now and the issue has been reported to your office a number of times.  In May of this year,  a notice was attached to the tree claiming it would soon be removed.  Now, over six months later, this removal has not been accomplished, even though a similar tree across the street, earmarked for removal at the same time, was cut down in late summer.  This ash remains both a nuisance and a danger as major, six inch wide branches continue to fall on parked cars, power and phone lines, and on the sidewalk beneath.  It is only a matter of time until a very serious, even injurious, event occurs.  More disappointing, after numerous contacts to this office, no one has returned a phone call or an email on the subject.
    Thank you-
    Richard Landon
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    21 Clark Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    The diseased tree in front of my house has been tagged twice for removal, but has yet to be taken down. There is another tree next door also completely dead. Thank you.
  • Burwell Street New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    Unprecedented speeding on Burwell, both cars and trucks, coming and going from Quinnipiac. Residential area with high traffic and constant accidents. Need speed bumps immediately or more police presence.
  • Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Extension
    Can someone change the greenery around 38D. The smell of dog pee is coming in my house.
  • 96 Westwood Rd New Haven, CT, 06515, USA - Westville
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Augustin New Haven, Connecticut - West Rock
    people drive come through and selling weed and
    and transpassing
  • 107 Cottage St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    The garbage collectors are dumping the recycling and the trash into the SAME truck every week behind 107 Cottage Street. The company phone number on the trucks is 1-877-environ. Please help!
  • 311 Eastern St E Building New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    I often visit a friend who lives in the E building at 311 Eastern Street at Bella Vista. I can't tell you how many times I have gone in and out both the front and rear building and have seen drug transactions going on. I myself have been asked if I was looking for something , when I stood there and watched a transaction going on. I have times ,dates, pictures of license plates to name a few proofs. The same cars Ihave seen at the E building I have seen immediately following transaction there go to other buildings and the same routine is repeated over and over again. The security people are worthless, they even interact with these people like they are old friends.
    I grew up in Hamden and can happily admit a lot of family members were on the force, right up to a couple of Chiefs and also well decorated fire Chiefs. My Uncle Stanley Lungreen and many others served on the New Haven force for many years and they always told me. See it report it. NHPD needs to set up a resident officer or officers in these buildings. Tese were once nice safe senior complexes but since they let in younger people in need, it has become a hot bed for drug trafficking.and people trafficking.I have seen woman,I use that loosely because they look like they are 12, dragged out of buildings kicking and fighting and thrown into cars with older men. I saw one girl return badly beaten. I stepped in to offer my assistance, called the police and nothing was done. I am not afraid to get involved with civic issues. I was a NARC as a high schooler. I live out of state, but if I can see this, the other residence do and are probably afraid to speak up. My friend is moving because it has become to dangerous to live there. There are people who our obviously carrying a concealed weapon, many lying right out on a passenger seat while a drug deal is being carried out. I had someone try to grab something out of my car, but met with the fate of a dog bite, because they didn't see my military trained service dog lying in the back seat of my car. I told the guy to call the police to report it, I stood there with my dog at my side for over an hour and no police officers came to the scene. I assume it was never reported because he would have had to explain why he got bit and what he was doing. My dog is a sniffer dog, trained by the Air Force he goes crazy every time we go to visit my friend. He is capable of tracking drugs, gunpowder, incendiary devices etc. He single handedly saved 16 people from a building laced with explosives. He he can find these issues just when we are visiting, what would the very capable New Haven Police be able to do, if they set up an operation to rid this place of these dangerous criminals, that would probably lead to bigger fish and be a step towards turning Bella Vista back into the place it used to be... a beautiful place for seniors to live out their lives in safety. I see the NHPD has a satellite office there. Maybe it should start being manned again. These drug dealers are so comfortable i the area, that when an ambulance, fire truck and even police cars come in to help someone, it doesn't stop them from transacting drug deals. If I can see this with an untrained eye, why don't the officers called to the scenes report it or do something about it. If someone from the police force makes a comment on this posting I will be happy to get in touch with you. I will keep looking. Bella Vista is a hot bed for drug trafficking,prostitution and people trafficking. Let's clean it up, before some innocent person gets killed or even worse a child because they are allowed there now.
  • 1425 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac

    These are incidents that happened at Hidden Quarry and Harborcrest April 19 in the morning around 4:45am and 6am there were cars being broken into and some cars were that were left open. At my board meeting yesterday for Harbor Crest at building #1 someone broke into a car and at building #2 there were was evidence that they tried breaking in other cars. We would like a police patrol to come to those complex around 4am to 6am just to patrolled the area I will be bringing this to the Quinnipiac East Management Team (which Iam one of the co-chair) at our next meeting to discuss these matters further.
    I would like also for our condos in the area to come together and cut out the entrance way were all contractors enter no matter what they maintain they use that entryway with their trucks and plows  we all know that tires on our cars do not make those kind of holes in the ground they come from the contractors big trucks. I also want to figure out what percentage Housing is supposed to pay for the upkeep of the common way at 1425 Quinnipiac Ave they say that we all have a percentage that we all Are responsible for we need to find out how much that will cost and get it done so we won’t have any accidents with vehicles and children that have to wait on a corner
    Thank you kindly,

    Donald Spencer

  • 285 College St New Haven, CT, 06510, USA - Downtown
    The metal fence on the Green along College Street was painted 3 weeks ago, but the cardboard paper and blue plastic tape to guard the cement piers is all there, getting wet, lose and blowing all over the green. It looks ugly besides. Obviously the painters or city forgot to remove the paper but now w/ rainy weather it is becoming dislodged. Please remove the tape and paper ASAP.