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  • Chapel And Academy St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    How much tax payer money did we waste to have a cop parked in front of the Columbus statue last night and today? It's bad enough to have this ridiculous holiday to commemorate a pretty awful person, but major insult to injury to waste even more money defending the statue.
  • 882 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    33 Fountain St and 882 Whalley Avenue , the two properties along Central Avenue in Westville behind Dunkin Donuts, which used to be the site of Delaney's Restaurant, could easily accommodate two mixed-use buildings for commercial/restaurant and residential uses. To keep construction costs low while maximizing rentable floor space, simple 3-story single-stair wood frame buildings could be constructed with a total of 4,000 sf of commercial space and as many as 18 one-bedroom apartments.
  • 57 Olive St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    St. Paul & St. James offers laudable services to the local homeless population and many of us admire that. However, it is completely nonsensical for them to run these services out of a church in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Every day I see a mass exodus of homeless from downtown to Wooster Sq where they loiter outside the church. Recently many of these folks have occupied the now defunct/abandoned former "Joker's WIld" club where my neighbors and I have observed them shooting up heroin. As a temporary solution, we need a more frequent police presence at this location. In the long term, St Paul & St James should relocate their homeless services to another location. It is crazy to draw vagrants and drug addicts to a family neighborhood rather than going downtown to serve them directly.
  • 209 Willow Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    This is the state of driving behavior and traffic enforcement in New Haven:
    It is the Wild West! I was commuting in this morning heading south on Orange Street. At the busy Willow Street intersection, two cars ran the red light heading west on Willow Street. I then noticed that there were TWO NHPD cruisers stopped at the light on Orange Street heading north. Neither one of them pulled over either red light runner. (And neither officer appeared to be on another emergency call as they both drove away, lights off, with traffic when the light turned green.)
    This summarizes where we've come to with traffic safety and traffic enforcement in New Haven.
    This is not normal. We have accepted the normalization of this behavior: both the incredible number of drivers running red lights and stop signs or talking/texting on their phones while driving, AND the frequent lack of traffic enforcement by the NHPD.
    This does not happen everywhere in the state. This does not happen everywhere in the country.
    What can we do to change the cycle?
  • Dwight And Edgewood New Haven Connecticut - Dwight

    Between 2:50 and 2:57 PM today the 20th of December 2018 my home surveillance camera caught these two scenes. Shortly after a UPS delivery to my home a young man in a red jacket, black hood, white shoes and grey pants with a black backpack rides a bicycle slowly through the scene. A few minutes later in the second clip, he is back and walks up my driveway presumably to check out the delivery which he undoubtedly observed. He comes out of the driveway without the package probably because it's too heavy (24 cans of wet cat food). I confronted this guy some minutes later further down Dwight toward Chapel street. I watched him ride up and down my neighbors' driveways and I asked him what he was looking for. I was fascinated by what a convincing and evidently accomplished liar this guy is. I told him that I had a video of him and that I'd take another look before I reported the issue. He then quickened his pace a bit and rode his bike west down Edgewood Avenue.
    Check these two clips and the screen shot I uploaded. Anyone know this guy?

  • 986 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    One of the "regular" aggressive panhandlers walked into the vestibule at TD Bank branch (corner of Chapel & College) and approached a young couple at the ATM asking for money. Luckily I was there and able to intervene, but it clearly scared them. He's the one with the glasses and short haircut that shows an ID and says he's a veteran... but sometimes he gives other stories... and he even followed the three of us out of the vestibule... it's ridiculous. Nice impression these two young people have of New Haven now.... They walked off quickly across the street to get away from him. Isn't there some type of blue law on the books about this panhandling business... I walk 1.5 blocks home from work and am asked for money AT LEAST 3 times...a guy sitting in at one of the shake shack tables, the woman that puts on the crying water works, and the guy in front of Subway. Subway guy is always there (again, isn't that considered loitering??) the other two change out to other panhandlers... And if I go through Temple Plaza to alternate the route, the tables, chairs and steps are usually occupied by people actively doing drugs, or passed out from doing drugs... So many visitors come into town, stay at the OMNI and have to walk through this nonsense... nice welcome wagon!
  • 859 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Can the City put in a bike rack for the kids who ride their bikes to Westville Community Nursery School?
  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    48 Trumbull Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven

    Is there some extra action that can be taken with some of the local crosswalks, especially in the Audubon/East Rock area? I have a walking commute & I cross two crosswalks (Pearl/Orange, Trumbull/Lincoln) four times a day each, and have been doing this for the last four years at least. I have an unsettling incident nearly every single today and today a woman at the Trumbull/Lincoln crosswalk made some really nerve-wracking threatening motions to deliberately hit me with her car while I was in the center of the crosswalk (because I was stuck there, as the car that had let me pass on the opposite side had started moving on & I had gestured to this oncoming car that she needed to stop for the crosswalk).

    I know that there was a sign placed on the orange/pearl crosswalk, but I have often seen that sign banged up on the side of the road and no one seems to see it. It doesn't seem to be very widely understood that these crosswalks mean yielding to pedestrians within it, and I've been caught many many times in the center between two lanes of racing traffic. Several years ago I was hit on Trumbull, though very lightly on the hip and without further incident.

    I'm VERY careful and aware at the crosswalk from years of experience, but the longer I have to take this route the more inevitable it becomes that I'm going to end up being hit eventually. It is NOT safe for pedestrians. I have on a few occasions encountered a similarly frustrated gentleman, who is disabled, sitting on the side of the road & using his walking stick to hit the "yield to pedestrian" signs - not because he's crossing the street at that moment, but because he has had so much terrifying trouble in the past that he feels taking a moment to remind passing drivers of this apparently borderline obscure law is worthwhile.

    As a pedestrian I have my own distinct set of road rights and responsibilities, but I have no way to protect myself in many cases when a car does not follow the guidelines, even when I am paying close attention. Most often it's those on foot doing the yielding, and there's probably not much to be done about that, but these two particular high traffic intersections in question (again, orange/pearl and trumbull/lincoln) are VERY close to both two schools and a housing facility with a large number of disabled and elderly residents. These are crosswalks that should be monitored with at least a modicum of care.

    To be clear, these two are only the two intersections I encounter the most - I know this problem is much more widespread, and is much more of a pressing concern for children, the elderly, and the disabled, who may not all be as visible or able to get out of the way of careless drivers, and who are also much more likely to BE pedestrians and not motorists.

    This is NOT a safe or walkable city as long as pedestrians cannot rely on traffic markers & laws to help protect them from motorists. The fact is that the vast majority of motorists completely ignore the crosswalk indicators. The city of New Haven needs to make an extra effort to enforce these laws, especially during morning and evening rush-hours. The banged up "yield to pedestrians" sign in the gutter on orange should be the first clue that this is not enough to keep people safe - absolutely appalling in a zone containing more than one school. Crossing guards, traffic cameras, or other measures are absolutely necessary.

    These are not massive commercial roads or highways that should be complicated or dangerous to cross, and they are located in small neighborhoods or narrow city streets near multiple schools and close to the homes of many disabled people. New Haven seems to be interested in reducing the number of drivers in city streets, and if that's its concern, it also can and should do more to look out for the safety of residents who can't or choose not to drive. I'm personally pretty exhausted by the scares, stress, and hostility from people who don't totally understand the traffic laws and I'm an able-bodied person who knows what to expect. Please, please put more effort into smoothing out the relationship between cars & feet. This would be such an insanely dumb way to die.

  • Marvelwood Drive New Haven Connecticut - Westville
    This road has gone into disrepair, since the trucks carrying thousands of pounds of dirt that were being transported from the Yale University Residential colleges to the Yale Golf Course property. The main transport route utilized Laurel Road & Marvelwood Drive. During and after the transport of the thousands of pounds of dirt, the street went into complete disrepair. We the community are requesting that Marvelwood Drive be considered for immediate paving.
  • Snow plowing Archived
    Bradley Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Why do the snow plow drivers push all the snow from the empty (banned) side of street towards the even side completely burying cars? Wouldn’t it make more sense to push th snow to the odd (empty) side so you could get right up to the curb and give thee residents a break from haviving to dig out from 3 foot high 3 foot wide snow burms the plows created against our cars!!
  • 154 Townsend Ave New Haven Connecticut - East Shore
    There is a decomposing body of a deer that is stuck in the rock Jetty at Pardee Seawall Park. Has been stuck over a week, not washing away with the tide! Please remove.
  • 146 Cottage Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    We have seen people climbing up to the second floor window to get in because he said his landlord threw him out and he needed to get his stuff. the cellar windows on street level are out and we see people squeezing in and out of them. This has been going on at least since the springtime. We have seen lots and lots of people constantly going in and out. The grass is uncut, currently they're digging up something in the back yard. We own the building next door, 140 cottage, we rent to Yale people and they are all complaining.