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  • 108 Shelton Ave New Haven 06511, United States - Newhallville
    Tree almost completely blocks street lamp in front of 106 Shelton ave
  • Eldert St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Commercial vehicle parked in residential area. Vehicle was ticketed just before labor day.
  • 176 Morris Ave East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore
    Caller complained city plows damaged lawn and would like it repaired.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    11 Lake Pl New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Tree in front of house are dying and is a constant hoarder for a rodent nesting. Owner is afraid tree is a hazard and would like to have the tree removed. There's tons of moss and other disease on the tree. The tree is also harboring cotton along with a rodent.

    Owner would like to have someone come out and assess the tree. there are a few limbs that my cause some damages to the owners house as well.

    They are tired of spending money in trying to keep the ants, mice and squirrel and everything else out of her house and out of the tree.

    Please assist.

  • Tree Trimming Archived
    153 Fairmont Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    this is in response to the write up from you office regarding my original comments. actually the tree is leaning into the street not the home. the sidewalk is breaking and rising higher each year indicating the tree is leaning further into the street. power lines are at risk. the roots may actually be touching my foundation and as noted is beginning to crack my front porch foundation.
    the acorns have damaged my car especially last year. and the clogging roof drain is a costly annual event.
    at the vary least will you trim the limbs overhanging my roof and driveway?
  • 882-884 Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    There's a dead tree in front of 882-884 Elm Street with Branches falling. Please have it removed as this has become a safety concern. Please contact Andre at 203-676-5409 with questions.
  • 229 Dwight Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    This container has been sitting here for months. No one from the city has come to pick it up, nor has the property owner made any effort to remove it.
  • Signs Archived
    Canal Dock Road And Sargent Drive New Haven, Connecticut - Long Wharf
    The new information sign posted at the light spell Long Wharf "WARF". Come on, man!
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    1 Westerleigh Road New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    This tree is in need of coming down, loosing bark and falling
    in the street on passing cars and pedestrian. was suppose to be taken down in December 2017
    but never came back to finish the job.
  • 385 Townsend Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Parking at the corners of the Woodward Ave/Townsend Ave intersection causes blind spots coming from Woodward onto Townsend. There are no parking signs on one side, but on the other the no parking signs are unclear where there is a small crosswalk.
    Also the no parking goes unenforced on Sundays. The blind spots are dangerous.
    Please add a clearer no parking sign on the side with the crosswalk and enforce the no parking that is in place.
  • 204 State St New Haven, CT, 06510, USA - Town_Green
    With two convenient locations. One in Waterbury CT and one in New Haven ..Home base is the Waterbury locale
    The one in N.H. , so i hear from many a reliable homeless source , is completely run by Waterbury residents ,
    There is a day program for homeless, the service runs from 8:30 to 3 M thru F , first come first serve basis , it can only
    hold 25 people at a time..They do serve a meal and have laundry services , limits and restrictions do apply.
    The building does have housing , rooms in the upper floors , Honestly , and even checked out , Is ,
    All residents in the upper floors are from Waterbury , some are related to staff .( looks like most ) Geez does Waterbury have
    a pipeline and dump plan for it's homeless ? My source states they make comments like "New Haven people get all the help"
    "New Haven does not have any homeless" .. wow , jealous much ? Homeless replacement , swap ? Send us your poor, disgruntled
    trailer park folk and well send your out there to where were from..
    I don't think New Haven should be funding this in any way .. Please Devil take care of your own.
  • St.Anthony Street And Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac
    There seems to be a dispute over who should clean the main entrance of St.Anthony Street and Quinnipiac Ave that entrance leads to give complexes and one is managed by New Haven Housing Authority (St.Anthony 1&2) the other complexes are private residences (Cherry Hill and Harbor Crest) in which the private residences pay a condo few for the upkeep of the common areas and what I was told housing is supposed to help pay for that upkeep also. But over the past several years this hasn't been getting done because of a dispute over who should pay what and exactly what responsibility housing has in that area. Meanwhile the main entrance remains trashy and Audrey Richards resident of Cherry Hill (Treasurer of the Quinnipiac East Management Team former president of Cherry Hill complex) takes it upon herself from time to time to keep that main entrance clean. Also her nieghbor from the adjacent condo Donald Spencer (Co-Chair/Secretary of the Quinnipiac East Management Team) joined her over the past few weeks to help clean up he did it when he gets out of work. So they at the last management team meeting they brought their concerns to the Hon.Renee Haywood (Alder of Ward 11) and today in between her busy schedule she took the time out to help she wasn't ashamed of digging in and getting her hands dirty. Donald, Audrey, and many other residents brought their concerns to housing and spoke to Housing, LCI (Livable City Initiative), and New Haven PD at several meetings over the past several years going back to Lt. Anastasio they are still dealing with the same old issues not only them but the Quinnipiac Hieghts community as a whole their complaints have been the same a lot of them gave up on the management team meetings and some are deciding to move we have fast food restaurants and convenient stores in the area their trash adorns are grass and side walks and they do nothing to pitch in to help beautify the nieghborhood and the onest is not all on them people throw their trash down and walk by trash they cant bend over to pick it up like they got their hands on backwards. So the kids follow suit we need more if the community getting involved in keeping their neighborhood clean this is Connecticut we shouldn't have to live like wildlife and people should take pride where they live and show a little civility not trash up the area and say "nobodys doing nothing" it starts with us if we want safe clean neighborhoods get involved and also talk to The different departments of the City of New Haven and see what they can do and if they promise something hold them to it we all have a part.