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  • North Of Route 80 New Haven, CT - Quinnipiac
    I know some folks claim this issue is better than years past. But it truly depends on where you are in New Haven. North of Rte 80 the vehicles are everywhere and it seems New Haven Police ignore the part of New Haven that is North of Rte 80. We are still New Haven! These bikes and vehicles are illegal! Even the New Haven Register posted a photo 9/16 of a 9 year old on a dirt bike riding through Ashmun Park and titled it "Out for a Spin"! NO mention of the fact that he's a kid and shouldn't be riding on public streets or property. Come on, New Haven Police: it's illegal. Stop ignoring our calls and acting like you're doing us a favor for doing your jobs. There were a few police cars in the summer after local TV news did stories on ATVs and dirt bikes flying up streets and into Bishop Woods Bird Sanctuary (which they're destroying at will). We do pay taxes and I shouldn't have to smell their exhaust in my yard, listen to their non-muffled engines, and have 5 year olds on quads almost hit me as I drive up my street.
  • Address Unavailable - Downtown
    just walked through the upper green with out of town guests. was like a 3rd world country. furniture and trash everywhere, people setting up encampments. not the way to make this city attractive to newcomers. i hope the city will do what it can to clean up this area
  • Goffe Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Along the entire 1.25 mile length of Goffe Street from Broadway Downtown to Osborn in Beaver Hills, only a dozen frequently used on-street parking spaces would need to removed in order to accommodate dedicate bike lanes along both sides of the street. The parking loss, however, would come to an area that has seen a large increase in off-street surface parking lots in recent years. Goffe Street, one of the oldest routes in New Haven dating back to the aboriginal habitation of the area, connects Downtown to Westville through the Dixwell and Beaver Hills neighborhoods. Dedicated bike lanes could help calm traffic, connect neighborhoods and schools, improve safety for all road users, encourage more active recreation in the area, and be included with targeted public and private investments in surrounding streetscapes - all with little to no impact on automotive facilities.

    With enough interest, this issue could be further studied by the City and potentially come to fruition as funding becomes available from State, Federal, and local sources.

    For more information on how dedicated bike lanes along Goffe Street might look, see here:

  • Whalley Ave And Ella Grasso Blvd New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    ANOTHER car accident at the intersection of Whalley Ave and Ella Grasso BLVD. I have lived here for over 10 years and there is an average of 1 car accident a week and I see at least 1 -2 near misses a day.

    The complaints on SEECLICKFIX, as well as multiple complaints to the city are NUMEROUS and go back YEARS.

    How much longer until someone gets killed here, and the city gets sued for millions of taxpayer dollars?

    If this gets closed before the intersection is fixed and turn signals are installed I'm just going to keep re-opening it.

  • Chapel And Academy St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    How much tax payer money did we waste to have a cop parked in front of the Columbus statue last night and today? It's bad enough to have this ridiculous holiday to commemorate a pretty awful person, but major insult to injury to waste even more money defending the statue.
  • 23 Edwards Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    The city's robocall didn't go out until 7pm last night. Signs were barely posted and people were trying to move their cars around Edwards/Nicoll/Nash with no idea which side was the correct side to be on. Why is it never announced that the odd side will be first or vice versa?

    This morning, new signs were posted where none had been before and people were getting towed and caught off guard as they left for work. Maybe worst of all, tow trucks were speeding down Nash Street THE WRONG WAY in an effort to tow everyone the fastest, nearly causing multiple accidents and jamming traffic.

    I'm happy to comply with street sweeping but the city needs to make it easier for citizens to comply. Announce earlier, more clearly, and stop rigging the entire system for the benefit of the tow truck companies.

  • Noise Nuisance Acknowledged
    Edwards Street New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine
    St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Edwards Street blasts an ear-piercing recording that is nothing short of an utter nuisance ! This began about a year ago and they’ve continued with this blatant disregard for the community around. The recording is blared at such violently loud decibels that there’s nowhere in our home we can go to get away from it. And we’re not even on Edwards Street ! It doesn’t matter whether our windows are closed (during the winter time) or open (in summer); or if the blower on our oven is running (high or low); or if we’re playing music; never mind if we’re in our backyard; nothing we can do in our home abates this absolute nuisance. It starts at 8:15 a.m. or 8:45 a.m., whenever they will on Sunday mornings; then, again at noon and then again at 6:00 p.m., and it lasts from 6 to 10 minutes at a time—for how ever long they choose. And this is every single day ! We sit down to dinner at 6:00 p.m. only to be greeted by their brash cacophony. No one wants to hear this; no one needs to hear this ! None of the churches in downtown New Haven acts with such gross disregard for their communities with the pealing of their bells—and they’re in a commercial zone; we’re residential. We have 2 other churches in our immediate neighbourhood; as much as we hear them worship on Sundays, it's not at ear-crushing decibels. What are we supposed to do, sell the home we’ve lived in for years because this church fails to realise that it shares a community with people’s homes ?!
  • Dwight And Edgewood New Haven Connecticut - Dwight

    Between 2:50 and 2:57 PM today the 20th of December 2018 my home surveillance camera caught these two scenes. Shortly after a UPS delivery to my home a young man in a red jacket, black hood, white shoes and grey pants with a black backpack rides a bicycle slowly through the scene. A few minutes later in the second clip, he is back and walks up my driveway presumably to check out the delivery which he undoubtedly observed. He comes out of the driveway without the package probably because it's too heavy (24 cans of wet cat food). I confronted this guy some minutes later further down Dwight toward Chapel street. I watched him ride up and down my neighbors' driveways and I asked him what he was looking for. I was fascinated by what a convincing and evidently accomplished liar this guy is. I told him that I had a video of him and that I'd take another look before I reported the issue. He then quickened his pace a bit and rode his bike west down Edgewood Avenue.
    Check these two clips and the screen shot I uploaded. Anyone know this guy?

  • Long Wharf Drive New Haven, Connecticut - Long Wharf

    Long Wharf is absolutely disgusting. I would be embarrassed to advertise it as a ‘paradise’. The loud music, speeding, illegal parking and the trash are ruining a beautiful part of our city. These are pictures I took this morning. The trash cans were empty but there was still trash all over (especially styrofoam containers). And the dumpsters near the food trucks...overflowing. I could imagine the rats that must run around there.

    Sadly, there is also trash floating in the harbor (the same styrofoam containers, drink bottles, etc.) and I saw a dead bird commorant floating in the water yesterday. Today a bird was trying to eat a straw.

    Something needs to be done!!

  • 49 Edwards New Haven Connecticut - East Rock

    New Haven's new street sweeping program (started April 2018 -> edited, this is incorrect, it's just that street sweeping starts in April and I read it incorrectly) disproportionately affects new residents (especially students) of New Haven. Current temporary signs are inadequate, and the program seems to be a way for New Haven and the towing companies to make money.

    My husband and I just moved to New Haven (where a lot of graduate students live) two weeks ago. We parked our car on the east side of Nicolls on Saturday after seeing posted signs on the west side of the street for sweeping the coming Monday morning. He is a new graduate student, and orientation (for myself and for him) started Monday morning. When we walked down our street on Sunday, we did not see any signs posted about street sweeping for Tuesday.

    Tuesday morning I woke up to chaos as sweeper trucks were waiting behind ticketing officers and tow trucks literally raced down the street, breaking traffic laws by speeding and riding side by side down the road. I and other new neighbors, walked out to see our cars being towed and could not do anything.

    My complaint is not with street sweeping in general, or with towing when cars are left there. My complaint is that for new residents, there is NO signage indicating that New Haven does street sweeping (unless the notice is posted on your street). Additionally, the current signage does not inform residents about where to go (website) for more information about future notices. The current program is likely to disproportionately affect incoming students this fall, and for any new students with cars, I'm sure the city will be hearing a lot of complaints about this program.

    I moved from a major city where you get a ticket for not turning your tires in when parking on a hill and where street sweeping is weekly. I would be more than happy to comply with posted regulations and appreciate clean streets. However, the program that is in place is completely inadequate and seems to be a great way for the local tow trucks and the City of New Haven to make money off new residents (mind you, in a city where there is a significant influx of new residents at specific times during the year).

    Please post permanent signs, or at the very least, put more information on the temporary signs (for example, "48 hour notice," and "for more information, visit the website...," etc.). Simply writing "New Haven Police Department" and the date/time of the street sweeping/towing does not tell residents enough. Who are you serving there, the institutions who benefit from the profit of tickets and towing, or the residents whose streets you are cleaning?

    What a way to be welcomed to a new city.

  • 882 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    33 Fountain St and 882 Whalley Avenue , the two properties along Central Avenue in Westville behind Dunkin Donuts, which used to be the site of Delaney's Restaurant, could easily accommodate two mixed-use buildings for commercial/restaurant and residential uses. To keep construction costs low while maximizing rentable floor space, simple 3-story single-stair wood frame buildings could be constructed with a total of 4,000 sf of commercial space and as many as 18 one-bedroom apartments.
  • 850 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    I've been a resident of Upper E. Grand Ave. near olive of Street for almost 4 years . .. I am at my end and I hope that this will be my last six months living here as I'm looking to relocate over this matter! I reported a few times on here the issues at hand but I've noticed it's only gotten worse .,The amount of foot traffic of homeless people up and down grand Avenue from the shelter to olive Street has become absolutely ridiculous . Appearlnty tese people have nowhere to go and they are literally sleeping on the street . all hours of the night from 9pm through 5 am.. arguments outside of my window , fistfights , drug use in my blg parking lot, some of them having sex and also alleviating themselves right in the parking lot . The list goes on . This has become more than disruptive and obnoxious to the residents who live here and pay high rent amounts for the area . In addition there has been at least one car crash a week in front of the building for the last few months . What is being done to control this ??? It really is absolutely ridiculous !