Seymour Public Officials And First Selectman

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Issues within Seymour, CT

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  • Smith St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    When you come out of Smith St, the bushes on the left obstruct your vison when pulling onto Rt 67. State cuts the grass only so far, but the owner of the house needs to cut bushes further back. It is very dangerous.
  • blight Open
    59 New Haven Rd CT 06483 - Seymour
    i dont think that the first selectman knows what the meaning of blight means just take a ride by this address and you will see that this guy might be confused the weeds are taller than the building
  • 9 Karlak Street Seymour, ct - Seymour
    At the top of Karlak Street on Left side the curb has been damaged by plowing. Also, the curb should be continued up to the cut through to Curry Hill Rd to prevent run off to the adjoining property.
  • 63 Skokorat St Seymour, CT - Seymour
    There is a bush right on the corner of Skokorat and Capricorn on the town edge of the corner, that blocks the view of traffic coming up the hill, especially when it is in full bloom, it needs to be trimmed back.
  • Union Street Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    Side walk blocked by metal cart attached to telephone pole, with orange cones.
  • 7 Westerman Avenue Seymour, CT - Seymour
    No Power since yesterday no estimations on when and CL&P text # doesn't work
  • South Main Street Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Road closed near underpass near Trestle Tavern/Zois Pizza very large tree down police were unaware of issue
  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd Seymour ct - Seymour

    Once again this guy has a caddy here being worked on plate # hp96o46 first select man needs to put a stop to this this car has been there for 3 days being worked on
    Hey bob get out of your chair and go see for your self

    Reported from my mobile device

  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd Seymour connecticut - Seymour
    Car got dropped there 8-13 to be repaired if you go to the town meetings minutes on 8-11 you will see a guy from a-1 sealcoat saying he does minor repairs there this is a lie he does all work on that truck there also this has no right to be at a seymour town meeting cause he does not live in that town these need to inforce there zoning laws this is not harrasment we are gettng tired of this guy abusing the laws zonig laws are ment to be enforced the town clams police are investigating well they ivestigate this address and they will see they are getting lied to
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct 06483 - Seymour
    this guy is still coming here with his commercial truck and tanker to be worked was here today the first selectman needs to stop this.this is a residental area these people go to the meetings every month and they lie to all our town officials and say they are doing nothing wrong when in fact they are!first selectman needs to go to every bodys house and you will find out the truth!
  • 253 West Street Seymour, CT - Seymour

    I'm not sure if this is a matter for the town or the owner of the shopping center. But the next time you are here, check out poorly designed the parking lot is and how easily it can be fixed.


    When entering the Shopping Center entrance from Route 67, a driver faces traffic from 3 directions. 1) Traffic from the car wash and behind the building 2) Traffic from the Starbucks drive-thru 3) Traffic exiting the front parking lot onto the West Street entrance.

    This is dangerous and unnecessary.


    If there was a Right Turn Only sign into the parking lot for people entering from 67 and a Wrong Way or Do Not Enter Sign in the parking lot so people don't pull out into the West Street entrance, it would make things far safer and would keep the parking lot from becoming congested. This One-Way flow of traffic around the building would also avoid similar issues when pulling in and out of the car wash.

  • 17 Morning Star Dr Seymour, CT - Seymour
    There is a big oversized tree on town property that blocks view the view at this intersection, it is right on the corner and is a cyprus or some sort of evergreen. It is huge and needs to be trimmed back to allow line of sight at that corner.