Seymour Public Officials And First Selectman

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Issues within Seymour, CT

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  • Johnson Avenue Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Johnson Avenue between Prospect and Clifton has a serious lean to the even side of the street and the road has cracks going all the way across in some spots that have caused retaining walls to crack and front porches to crack. The issue of the leaning causes serious problems when it is slippery out as I find my car leaning into the even side of the street, and there is the potential of hitting a telephone poll, another car. In fact, during the last snow storm, a car the was coming down Johnson Avenue and hit the trailer hitch on my husbands truck b/c it pulled to the even side of the street.
  • 1 First Street Seymour, CT - Seymour
    The town of Seymour CT and it parking system managed by the authority and policing is completely broken. I have visited the town on several occasions realizing the town is so disorganized one cannot find a place to park without being issued a ticket. It appears there was a large parking lot at one time along the west side of the town center along the river as the perfect refuge. It now appears someone had the bright idea to give it up to support fish migration rather than support the benefits from a economic and financial support to center business. This complaint has already received 1651 FaceBook likes from the local Valley population alone. Good luck with your continued decline.
  • Edward Rd Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Anyone hear a dog barking all night?
  • Seymour CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    Dip across entire road
  • Highland Avenue Seymour, CT - Seymour
    I saw a plow ONCE-Friday morning!
  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd Seymour connecticut - Seymour
    Car got dropped there 8-13 to be repaired if you go to the town meetings minutes on 8-11 you will see a guy from a-1 sealcoat saying he does minor repairs there this is a lie he does all work on that truck there also this has no right to be at a seymour town meeting cause he does not live in that town these need to inforce there zoning laws this is not harrasment we are gettng tired of this guy abusing the laws zonig laws are ment to be enforced the town clams police are investigating well they ivestigate this address and they will see they are getting lied to
  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd Seymour Rd Ct 06483 - Seymour
    again work was being done here on a-1sealcoats commercial truck and tanker this guy is not here for coffee!
  • Maple Street And Walnut Street Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    On Maple Street at the intersection with Walnut Street there is a large section of the road (driving NW) that seemingly had been dug up for some sort of construction/utility work. I had the very unfortunate luck of driving over this spot before it was patched, nearly damaging my car. It was left unattended overnight, no cones, no signs, nothing to alert drivers that there was a gaping hole in the ground. It was patched the next day however, extremely poorly. The patch is not near level with the surrounding pavement and it is still quite a shock driving over it, to the car and the driver. This needs to be tended to asap.
  • Pothole Open
    Ansonia-Derby-Shelton Expressway Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    Pothole, in left side of right lane on bridge, a little bit before the exit.