Seymour Public Officials And First Selectman

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Issues within Seymour, CT


  • 115-139 State Highway 115 Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    cars going wrong way on Bank St, turning onto Bank St from Main St, across from the train station, at least once a day. This is in the center of downtown Seymour. The road needs to be marked better because people are not seeing the one way sign. The other day 2 cars in a matter of minutes went up the one way.
  • soil in brook Archived
    168 Bungay Road Seymour, CT - Seymour
    a newly landscaped lawn has topsoil being washed into the nearby brook no hay bales or plastic barriers-Problem fixed-Thanks
  • 27 Evening Star Drive Seymour, CT - Seymour
    I have spotted this friendly gentleman (I believe) several evenings outside my home. He is vocal and enjoys being petted, but not interested in being picked up.
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour, CT 06483 - Seymour
    What is wrong with this town of Seymour. Why does this guy get away with all these violations. Again today 1/19/09, Thus guy was out on Walter Road plowing driveways. CT Lic. Plate 8CD-603 unregistered I guess there must be a new set of laws in Seymour CT that you no longer need to register/insure or pay taxes because no one in the town, police or town hall will take action. This is something the news media needs to investigate as soon as possible. Maybe if the news investigates this it will be stopped. This is unfair to the taxpayers of the town f seymour. if the town officials will not put a stop to this they should resign their positions immedately.
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct 06483 - Seymour
    according to fridays paper feb 10 the town said no unregisterd vehicles on property.this is stupid that law was passed about 2or3 years you can see green truck has been unregisterd on property since july of 08 why does this guy not apply to these rules why did the town waste peoples tax money and put that in the paper when they will not enforce it.this guy does not pay back taxes on truck and lets it sit there home owners in this town (witch he is not)we are doing something wrong.this town needs to get this truck off this property and close down the repair shop thats going on out of your job mr selectman intead of talking about it your wasting our money not his
  • Pot Holes Archived
    24-26 Argonne Terrace Seymour, CT 06418, USA - Seymour
    Large line of pot holes across road causing noise and rough ride on Argonne Ter.
  • zoning facts Archived
    11 Walter Rd CT 06483 - Seymour
    again on 8-11 a-1 sealcoat was here with his truck and trailer and a red blaser was there to be worked on it will be enough when you stop doing what you are doing you are wrong check out the zoing table and you will see that you are in violation you cannot work on peoples cars here these zonig rules apply to every body you are not above the law if this were to go to court you would lose period!
  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct - Seymour
    on 1-20-09 this guy at this address had another car that was pulled into his garage so he could do repair work to it(green cadillac).the town hall should be of shamed of themselves letting this guy run an auto repair shop out of garage.there are a number of wells on this road and if something were to contaminate these wells like oil,antifrezze,transmisson fuel,etc who the @#$% would be responsilbe for this not this guy town records show that he does not own the house and even if he did were still not zoned for truck is still on property unregisterd(since july)being that this guy is running a repair shopout of house you would think he would pay the 3 years back tax on green truck and register it.this has to stop all this loser does is work on peoples cars out of garage.we are getting tired of seeing cars all over the place over there.i would to buy a house next door to the first selectman and do what this guy does
  • South Main St Seymour , CT - Seymour
    Route 115/South Main Street is a busy road and pedestrians need a continuous sidewalk to travel on.
  • Stoddard St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    The sidewalk on Stoddard St is in desperate need of repair. It is dangerous in its current condition. Police should also address the people who park cars ON the sidewalks on Grand St. We can't walk safely around our neighborhood.
  • 12 Oak Hill Road - Seymour
    People are flying up and down the Hill of Bungay Road. Last check, the speed limit is 30 MPH, not 55.
  • 11 Walter Rd CT 06483 - Seymour
    Again this guy simons is in violation of zoning ord. this is a R-15 residental zone and he is working on commercial vehicles, trailers and equipment from A1 Sealcoation this vehicle has been coming and going all day today since 8:45 AM this morning. Hey BOB or ART why dont you come uphere today NOW 2:00 PM see for your self or just ask the people in the neighborhood you are not doing your job unless you put a stop to this. this area has many children and having this truck and the equipment and hazardous it presents to these children is unacceptable. if one of these kids gets hurt you both and the town of Seymour will be held accountable. just come up and do your job and tell this guy to stop.