Seymour Public Officials And First Selectman

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Issues within Seymour, CT


  • Stoddard St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    The sidewalk on Stoddard St is in desperate need of repair. It is dangerous in its current condition. Police should also address the people who park cars ON the sidewalks on Grand St. We can't walk safely around our neighborhood.
  • 12 Oak Hill Road - Seymour
    People are flying up and down the Hill of Bungay Road. Last check, the speed limit is 30 MPH, not 55.
  • Sunken Road Archived
    Chamberlain Rd Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Most of the entire length of the road is sinking a different levels
  • 29 - 35 Bungay Terrace Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Huge frost heaves and potholes. Like being on a roller coaster. This section was not repaved when the rest of Bungay Terrace was paved 2-3 years ago.
  • 4-16 Botsford Rd Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    The storm drains outside the entrance road to the high school are so full with debris that is a danger for flooding and traffic.
  • South Main St Seymour , CT - Seymour
    Route 115/South Main Street is a busy road and pedestrians need a continuous sidewalk to travel on.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    24-26 Argonne Terrace Seymour, CT 06418, USA - Seymour
    Large line of pot holes across road causing noise and rough ride on Argonne Ter.
  • Eleanor Rd Seymour, CT - Seymour
    There were 2 break ins last Sunday night. One on Bunting Rd into a car and one into a house on Edward Rd. Keep your car and home doors locked and your eyes open. If it happens in your neighborhood report it here in case it does not make the paper. We need to know.
  • 27 Evening Star Drive Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Hoopurr was last seen two weeks ago today on 6/4. She ran off into the woods. We have looked for her and put up many posters. She is small and has delicate features.
  • 158 Pearl Street Seymour, CT - Seymour
    There are two very large sections of street missing on Pearl Street, in front of Colonial Apartments, on the opposite side of the road. Everyone knows they are there, so they swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a flat tire. This is a well travel road which now shares traffic with tractor trailers, due to the new driving school on Pearl St. Please fix it before someone gets injured.
  • no power Archived
    11 Old Town Rd seymour, CT - Seymour
  • 26 Stoddard St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    A pair of lines from a telephone pole are lying on the upper bank of my property (not sure what type of lines). Area is opposite 112 Grand Street (my house is located at the corner of Stoddard and Grand Streets), it's at #4 Stoddard but app shows as #26.