Town of Seymour Problems needing investigation

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Watching issues created after: 2009-01-15

Town of Seymour Problems needing investigation

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  • 4-16 Botsford Rd Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    The storm drains outside the entrance road to the high school are so full with debris that is a danger for flooding and traffic.
  • 27 Evening Star Drive Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Hoopurr was last seen two weeks ago today on 6/4. She ran off into the woods. We have looked for her and put up many posters. She is small and has delicate features.
  • no power Archived
    11 Old Town Rd seymour, CT - Seymour
  • 26 Stoddard St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    A pair of lines from a telephone pole are lying on the upper bank of my property (not sure what type of lines). Area is opposite 112 Grand Street (my house is located at the corner of Stoddard and Grand Streets), it's at #4 Stoddard but app shows as #26.
  • 103-115 Grand St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    Comcast service (in my case TV and internet) went offline late morning today.
  • snowed in Archived
    4 Seymour Ave Seymour, CT - Seymour
    Need to get dug out, as does the hydrant and sand bin... . Thanks much..
  • Not Plowed Archived
    Deer Run Dr Seymour, CT - Seymour
    We haven't seen a plow as of 10:00 AM
  • 23 Kathy Dr Seymour, CT - Seymour
    The storm drain in the street in the front of this property is clogged with leaves and debris.
  • BLIGHT Archived
    134 Bungay Road Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour

    the house is for sale by the Raveis Agency but the grass on the "lawn" is almost two feet high. There are two old motor vehicles parked on the front lawn. It's gives a bad impression of Seymour for anyone using Bungay Road.


  • 116 Grand Street Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    its a big eye sore its been in foreclosure for at least 6years if not longer now there is wild animals living in them and kids go in there and party too which is unsafe. Don't know who to contact about it people come by and look at it cause its for sale thank god they don't go in it they take look at it from road and move on. It really should be knocked down don't think its worth anything.
  • 38 N Mead Farm Rd Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    Grass at this house has not been cut in years it is making a 500k house look like crap and animals are taking over please do something
  • 4 Stoddard St Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    4 Stoddard st owner needs to cut down bushes on bank very hard to see when pulling up on top of Stoddard st have witnessed a few close calls.