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  • Pothole Archived
    Filipino American Hwy National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    Significant rise in asphalt. This irregularity has contributed to no less than two known serious bike accident resulting in hospitalization. This will continue to be a life safety issue.
  • 2520 Melrose St National City CA 91950, USA - National City
    huge amount of trash on street and front yard due to influx of many people living in home
  • 1199 Highland Ave National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    i have photos
  • Other Archived
    340-398 E 3rd St National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    Resident of the halfway house on corner of D st and 3rd ave walks around neighborhood pulls his pants down or they "fall off" (NCPD case #1800441). Has thrown fruit at my house , rings doorbell in early AM . This person is a menace to the neighborhood. Would like halfway house to be removed from our area
  • Other Archived
    1903 K Avenue National City, California - National City
    Residents of this home place ramps on public street to prevent neighbors from parking in front of their home and so they can park their other cars up on their lawn. Ramps should not be placed and left on a public street, if they are, they should be removed once their car is parked on their lawn.
  • Dangerous Archived
    Homeless camp in tunnel
  • 1200-1236 E 16th St National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    They have yard sales all week every week. National city is not a flea market. As far as I know we are only allowed 2 yard sales a year. These people have them all the time. If its not this house it's the one across.
  • Other Archived
    2126 O Avenue National City, CA 91950, United States of America - National City
    A horrible burning smell is coming up from the bay or industrial area on the bay. It's been happening every few nights. Usually at night. Either a residence is burning hazardous materials or an industrial entity is from Port area. This can't be good.
  • 2101 Grove St National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    Vehicle has been parked for a week.
  • 1615 4th St. National City, California - National City

    Granger Music Hall, a wonderful historic landmark of National City has reached a point of neglect and decay that it may now be beyond repair. The tarps, covering the entire roof have been there for so many years have reached the point of decay rendering them of no little or no use in protecting the interior of Granger Music Hall. The thoughts of how much damage has been done to the interior of the building after all the recent rain causes me to question the viability of this once great landmark.

    Who or what department is responsible for the repair and up-keep of historical landmarks? Why was nothing done when the first roof leak was discovered? By allowing this wonderful building to decay from neglect National City has lost more than a great historical landmark. It has lost the income that used to come in from party rentals.

    As I drove past this once wonderful building the other day I noticed the siding had begun falling off. Is this the end of a once great historical building? Due entirely to neglect?

  • Other Archived
    921 Hoover Avenue National City, California - National City
    Heritage square is looking terrible. The street is dirty .The home owners don't clean up. Trash everywhere. The houses need paint and general cleaning. The big blue and purple house is looking bad. and other one that belongs to a photographer is not looking good either. It just doesn't scream , take my picture. That area was nice before.
  • 1343-1399 Palm Ave National City, CA 91950, USA - National City
    barrel with chemicals and empty bottles of antifreeze. I don't know if the construction contractor is putting the barrel outside it's active site. This is illegal?