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  • 8611 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA - Kearny Mesa
    The traffic lanes on Balboa Avenue between Kearny Villa Road and Ruffin Road were repaved in late 2013, but the bike lanes were left unpaved. The construction crew even repainted the white lines that now separate the smooth road from the bike lane. The bike lane is full of cracks, re-paving jobs, and potholes. It is a serious hazard to cyclists and to drivers because cyclists swerve to avoid the obstacles. Can we please have the bike lane repaved?
  • 4700 Allied Road San Diego, CA - Allied Gardens
    Road desperately in need of repaving- insane amount of potholes that create a hazard.
  • 9474-9514 Regents Road San Diego, CA - University City
    The road surface is in a extremely poor condition southbound from Health Sciences drive down to Executive drive. Pot holes, bumps, and the general surface is very bad.
  • 1701-1743 Upas Street San Diego, California - Balboa Park
    There is broken cement and puddling water at corner of Park Blvd. and Upas Street in front of the bus stop. Many in the neighborhood feel that it is a potential water main issue. Can this be looked at? Can the cement be fixed?
  • 4188 36th Street San Diego, CA - City Heights West
    There is a potential for disaster on the intersection of Orange ave and 36th street. There is not enough "RED" curb which limits visibility when making a left hand turn on to Orange ave from 36th street.
  • Bike lane Archived
    Nimitz San Diego, CA - Loma Portal

    Bike lane needs help for 3 blocks of Nimitz~large holes and cracks, and new striping desperately needed!

    Our kids bike here and need to be safe!

  • Potholes Archived
    8980 Villa La Jolla Drive San Diego, CA - Torrey Pines
    There are > 8 pot holes at this intersection for about 2 weeks now that are causing damage to my wheels and others. They range from 1/2 ft to 2 ft long by 3 inches to1 ft wide. There is a lot of traffic at this intersection and these pot holes impact many cars. Last time, the pot holes were there for several months before being fixed so I hope someone can come to fix it sooner.
  • 4150 Bonillo Dr San Diego, CA 92115, USA - Darnall
    The road was supposedly recently fix but was left worst than it used to be and now my tires are getting extremely bad I have to go through this road every day
  • City College San Diego Ca - Midtown District
    Too Many college students not enough parking. one too many Staff parking spots.
  • 8480-8498 Lake Murray Boulevard San Diego, CA 92119, USA - Lake Murray
    There is a deep pothole wreaking alignments daily. It is on the west side (heading south) between San Carlos and Jackson. All of the other potholes were filled in this area awhile back except this one. :/
  • 3196 North Mountain View Drive San Diego, CA 92116, USA - Normal Heights
    Sidewalk is busted up and probably impassable by wheelchair in ths spot on the north side and western end between Number 3170 and 3174 North Mountain View Dr
  • Camino Del Rio N & Interstate 8 San Diego, CA - Mission Valley
    Camino Del Rio N heading west forks left and briefly becomes a one-lane entrance to I-8 West with a Stop sign. On this single lane, just passed the Stop sign as the driver enters the freeway, there is a large, deep, and unavoidable pothole that can do considerable damage to tires and car suspensions if not repaired.