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Donna Parker

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  • Street Cleaning Acknowledged
    5011 Ayers Pl Se Washington, DC 20019, USA - Anacostia
    Filth in the gutters on the 5000 block of Ayers Place, SE.
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    1629 30th St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    sign is hanging and poses a risk to children crossing at corner to get to school.
  • 1814 Tobias Dr Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    several cars are illegally parked in the rear alley on public property.
  • 2345 R St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    This construction has consistently been in violation of DCRA and safety rules. These are some, not all: blocking the street with stacks of construction materials and a dumpster, no permits showing, workers on top of structures over 6 feet without harnesses, accessing the property from a makeshift driveway very close to intersections, a driveway and an alley. This construction should immediately cease until these violations and permitting issues are addressed.
  • 2233 Ridge Pl Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    Someone dumped a set of mattresses.
  • 3400 Wheeler Rd Se Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    The property is not complying with the District Regulations (DCMR 14, Section 302 Exterior Property Areas). The weeds and vines are in excess of the 8 inch allowance. Ownership of property is Eagle Academy.
  • 307 Atlantic St Se Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia
    Vehicle still in the same spot it's been in since Tuesday afternoon. Please address.
  • 3221 4th St Se Washington Dc. 20032 - Congress Heights
    After almost 3yrs of complaining about the tree trunk raising the sidewalk up finally we get the sidewalk repaired with crap like this that can't even be cleaned dispite ones best efforts. I don't know what type of trash the government called themselves putting down here for a sidewalk but we as others pay taxes and mayhaps even more than those who should be paying more taxes so please get out here and either figure out how to clean this mess or put down real concrete. This entire sidewalk looks absolutely nasty and should never have been left like this!!! Someone in your department with some diginity needs to come out and inspect this sidewalk. Thanks
  • I-295 S Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    The off ramp to exit #1 off 295S going towards DC WASA to Overlook and Chesapeake Streets SW are tearing up car suspensions and axles. It needs to be repaved; it is long overdue. The patchwork that has been done is unacceptable. Please repair the streets and repave that entire area all the way down to the on ramp.
  • 1100 Barnaby Terrace Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Anacostia
    items have been there for a while now on the 1100 block of Barnaby Terrace SE.
  • 4024 2nd St Sw Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia

    This is what I see when I look across the street from my house. It looks like someone was evicted.

    Please advise on possible ticketing, fines, & clean up. That is ridiculous.

  • 2808 Gainesville Street Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Anacostia
    Grass is severely overgrown on vacant lot. Needs maintenance ASAP.