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Donna Parker

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  • 1814 22nd St Se Washington, DC, 20020, USA - Anacostia
    The water ... now ice ... is draining from excessive water runoff from S Street, runs down the alley and onto my property. It has caused the corrosion of the asphalt in the alley behind my house.
  • 2233 Ridge Pl Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    There is an ongoing construction at 2305 R St. and 2403 Naylor roads in SE. DCRA allows for construction between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm without a permit. It is currently after 9:00 pm yet there is very loud construction going at these sites. Has the company received permitting to work after 7? How long after 7:00 pm can they work with a permit?
  • 948 Mississippi Ave Se Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia

    Oxon Run Park has one trash can located near Mississippi Ave SE and 13th St. SE. I am requesting approximately 4 more trash cans be placed along the parks side of Mississippi Ave SE to Wheeler Road.

    Inside the park, additional trash cans are needed. Patrons of the park throw their trash along side the water way.

  • Pothole Archived
    4300–4316 Overlook Ave Sw Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    Water main leak causing pavement erosion and severe potholes.
  • 4334 Martin Luther King Jr Ave Sw Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia
    Someone, very disturbed person, is throwing used diapers and bags of trash in our yards. Police report/complaint already made. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  • 1331 T St Se Unit A And B - Anacostia
    The tenant next door doesn’t take our her trash. She throws items outside her door into the alley. I have seen multiple rats on my side and I caught a mouse in my apartment today. She has a dog and she doesn’t pick up at all. I am asking for immediate help as I’m a proud Washingtonian and love my city. Please Please help as the rats are chasing my friends and family away.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    45 53rd Pl Se Washington 20019, United States - Capitol View
    Raised sidewalk that is a tripping hazard
  • 1706 Minnesota Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    There is a bag of leaves and a curb line full of leaves that has been here for weeks now.
  • 2641 30th St Se Washington 20020, United States - Hillcrest
    Car pulled up on 02/14/19 and the driver lifted the hood as of the vehicle stopped working. Vehicle hasn’t moved since. Also has no proper registration.
  • 1921 21st Pl Se Washington 20020, United States - Anacostia
    Raise concrete with crack which are unsafe to walk on.
  • 123 56th Place Se Washington, D.C. - Capitol View
    Disabled resident in need of snow removal services.
  • Pothole Archived
    Overlook Ave Sw Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    Several potholes under the bridge and on Overlook headed back into SW DC.