Cheshire Public Works

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Watch area for Cheshire Public Works Director - John Michelangelo

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  • 284 Highland Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Cheshire

    A woman fell yesterday navigating the treacherous sidewalk on Highland Avenue. Both sides have bern pitched upards from tree roots. She sustained minor injuries; and was seen by emergency staff.

    She doesn't use email. So please contact me if you need a point person.

  • Tanglewood Cir - Cheshire
  • Mansion Road At Rte 10 - Cheshire

    A dead tree is located at the end of Mansion Rd, at the entrance to apartments and between them and the nursery school. A large dead branch already fell off the tree into the street during a storm. The tree presents a hazard.

    Since this post, another branch or two fell off during the last very windy storm, about a week or so ago.

  • Country Club Rd Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    There is tree down that is over and holding down wires that cross from Highland Ave over to Country Club.
  • Unknown Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    Lost dog found near Animal Hospital in Cheshire,CT. Dog is a chocolate lab with blue tags and a purple collar. Please contact me if you know of anything!
  • Williams Road Cheshire, Connecticut - Cheshire
    Male; deep blue gray coat, long bodyl, very sweet nature, 4 1/2 years old; lost on Williams Road, Cheshire; if found contact HomeAgain (888) 466-3242
  • 125 N Brooksvale Rd Cheshire Village, CT - Cheshire
    Large potholes in parking lot behind the YMCA
  • S Main St And Cheshire Town Hall Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    governor lamont sneezed on me on the sidewalk
  • 167 Highland Ave Cheshire Village, CT - Cheshire
    Monster potholes at exit from Maplecroft Plaza to Rt 10