City Of Maumelle

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  • Street Sign Archived
    100 Millwood Cir Maumelle, AR 72113, USA - Maumelle
    One Way street sign is laid over on northwest corner of intersection
  • 3 Rook Pl Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Aggressive pit bull, keeps barking day and night, has broken parts of the fence
  • 23 Meadow Ridge Loop Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Yard sign at 23 meadow ridge loop exceeds 6 feet reference section 58-8. The yard grass and weeds are a nusiance.
  • 103 Keystone Ln Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Two dogs bark all day long everyday at 111 Keystone Ln
  • Other Archived
    141 Oneida Way Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Street full of rocks and gravel
  • 109 Summit Valley Cir Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    This has made our neighborhood look horrible. Car has been on jack stands for weeks. Then the house across the street has furniture that stays out in the driveway.
  • 39 Oak Forest Loop Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Neighbor has not pulled their trash to the curb in about a month. Both the waste bens (includes recycling) are over flowing and stinky.
  • 4 Saint Thomas Ct Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Resident at 4 Saint Thomas Ct. called and said that the Street Light on his lot is causing excessive light pollution onto his property, creating a nuisance, and has requested the light moved or shielded to prevent the excessive light on his property.
    The resident previously had a shield installed (through direct contact with Entergy, not City), which has since been removed by Entergy at the request of 5 Saint Thomas Ct.. The complaint to have the shield removed was originally submitted to the City by 5 Saint Thomas Ct. with a Request #8440088, to which the City referred the Resident to Entergy, since the shield install was not originally authorized by the City.
    Hence this request by 4 Saint Thomas Ct. for the City to expedite a Request to Entergy to have the Shield re-installed to resolve his light pollution concern.
  • Other Archived
    1-99 Hogan Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle

    "! I noticed while walking my dog on the walking path that runs behind Club Manor and in the area of the basketball court behind Barber Cove that whatever utility company who has recently been replacing cable has left their trash in various locations. There were also cut sections of the cable left on the basketball court. The work was recent and the cables have not been buried but these sections were definitely trash. Wanted to let you know so they could be made responsible for cleaning up after themselves and not litter our trails. Thanks!"

    There are several locations with trash and wire in that area.

  • 200 Millwood Cir Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Tree growing over side walk
  • 300 Lake Willastein Dr Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Light pole pushed over Vandalism
  • Other Archived
    222 Summit Valley Cir Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Business trailer parked all weekend on the street. Possible code violation.