Pothole Watch

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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 700-400 Hill Ave Wilkinsburg, PA 15221 - Wilkinsburg
    There are a ton of potholes along this portion of the road and it caused me to have a flat tire 2 times now because they can't been seen in the dark and you just hit them hard.
  • 2434 Hobson St Pittsburgh, PA 15226 - Brookline
    Many potholes cover Hopson Ave, especially drawing near the intersection with Merrick Ave.
  • Pennsylvania 8 Etna, PA 15223, USA - Etna
  • 2051-2199 Beaver Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA - Chateau
    Between Island and the onramps to 65/279N, all along Beaver, it's HORRIBLE. I might take a bath in one of the holes later.
  • Geyer Rd. Pgh pa 15212 - Allegheny County
    too many pot holes.
  • 511 Brownsville Rd Mt Oliver, PA 15210, USA - Mount Oliver
    There are potholes from the foodland all the way to McDonalds, can these PLEASE be fixed ASAP, you have to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid these!
  • Lowber Rd Sutersville, PA - Westmoreland County
    There are a series of 3-4 huge potholes right at the intersection of Lowber Road and Sutersville Rd. They are right next to the Railroad Crossing. Really bad. Can't avoid or you would go onto the tracks.
  • P J Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA - Southside Flats
    Many deep potholes near the bridge which can threaten you tires in both direction
  • 1870 Woodville Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA - West End
    Many potholes at this intersection. Road starting to disintegrate.
  • 434 Greentree Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA - West End
    Multiple potholes at this intersection. Road falling apart.
  • 611 York Ave Connellsville, PA 15425, USA - Connellsville
    these 2 pot holes have been here for a while and nothing is being done. i have had to replace my tired a few times already as well as a few parts in the front end of my car from these pot holes as well as some others around this forgotten about town
  • Maytide Brentwood, PA - Carrick
    Entire street has large potholes that are damaging to cars