Pothole Watch

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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

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  • POTHOLE Open
    150-152 Arlington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA - South Shore
  • 6150 Robinson Centre Drive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Robinson Township
    There is a broken button for the cross walk on the corner nearest to the red lobster restaurant. The plastic is broken and it is frozen inside. This is a major intersection where many buses come through on the hill going into robinson mall. I have already seen people have near death experiences because they do not go around the cross walk the other way. I myself have difficulty because I do not have that much time to cross safely now and get to the bus on time. It takes 15 minutes to go around the other way. It is not only extremely dangerous but very inconvenient to a lot of people if this isn't repaired. Also it is a regular occurance that the people turning left believe they can run me over in the cross walk so some pedestrian signs might improve the intersection as a whole.
  • Pothole Archived
    1601-1699 N Highland Rd Mt Lebanon, PA 15228, USA - Mount Lebanon
    This pothole is located in the 1-way portion of Highland Rd by Stone Pepper Grill and Kinder Care in path of one's left tire.
  • 65 Keswick Ave Bellevue, PA 15202 - Bellevue
    This is a brick road. The hole was there long before winter. It will swallow the front end of a small car. My 2 year old stands in it and it is well abover her knee.
  • 3016-3018 Bethel Church Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15241, USA - Bethel Park
    many potholes on this section of bethel church road. Bethel church is to be re-surfaced this spring
  • 1876 Ridge Rd South Park Township, PA - South Park Township
    There are multiple potholes and portions of damaged road in both directions along Ridge Rd.
  • Interstate 79 Baden, PA 15005, USA - Allegheny County
  • Shank Street pittsburgh, PA - Spring Hill-City View
    humongous holes on this street.
  • Pothole Archived
    1 N Chapel Dr Wexford, PA 15090, USA - Allegheny County
    As soon as you turn onto N Chapel Dr, you can see this monster of a pothole on the left side of the lane. It's gigantic!
  • pothole Archived
    152 47th St Pittsburgh, PA - Central Lawrenceville
    bad pot hole , whenever trucks hit it shakes the whole house , keeps growing larger. someone is going to hit a parked car trying to avoid it
  • 100-116 Mc Kee Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Oakland
    As soon as you turn left off of Fifth Ave. and onto McKee Pl., there is a giant pothole at the turn. It is wide and deep and hard to avoid without hitting the curb or running into a car waiting at the light. For people who don't know it's there, you cannot see it in advance because it's "on the turn" so it could definately cause an accitdent.
  • Route 51 - Allegheny County
    pot hole going south bound on rt 51 past 51 south mini storage before getting to bridge