Pothole Watch

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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

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  • 2557 W Carson St Pittsburgh, PA 15204 - Esplen
    I busted 2 rims going 35 mph on the potholes between crivelli chevrolet and the exit for the fort pitt bridge. There is not just 1 pot hole here, rether there are many many craters that just keep getting worse.
  • 2379-2625 Pennsylvania 65 Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA - Chateau
    Several large pot holes that make the entrance ramp onto Route 65 dangerous to navigate.
  • 4901-4905 5th Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Carnegie Mellon
    Potholes are severe along Fifth Avenue - particularly between Morewood and Dithridge in North Oakland
  • 2704-2728 Murray Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA - Squirrel Hill South
    Huge crater, very dangerous to maneuver around. Be careful. A lot on this road.
  • 1249-1299 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA - California-Kirkbride
    Deep potholes, more starting along the edge of street. The hole side of steet is coverd going EAST, NORTH, Approaching the post office, Real potential for accidents as cars may swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid.
  • Forbes Ave pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Mellon
    this pothole is about 18" deep and you can see a metal track down in there like it is an old trolley track....it bent my rim into my break making my car undriveable....
  • School Rd Lower Tyrone, PA 15428, USA - US Congressional District PA12
    This road is completely covered in pot holes. So bad that UPS and EMS and the local Fire Company have trouble doing their jobs. There are plenty of people with medical conditions on this road and it make it hard for personnel to respond to emergencies. Not to mention the damage done to the residents vehicles.
  • 161 Crafton Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15205 - Oakwood
    Road is a mess
  • So many holes Archived
    1547 W Carson St Pittsburgh, PA 15204 - South Shore
    There are about 12 holes in this section of road. Every which way you go its nothing but holes.
  • 300 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA - Allentown
    Warrington Avenue from Haberman & Warrington (entrance to South Hill Junction to Arlington Avenue & Warrington - bad potholes the entire length - dangerous, could cause damage to cars and cause accidents!!!!!
  • Unreasonable Archived
    Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA - South Shore

    I've watched this series of potholes wreck cars and flatten people's tires. Three years I've been driving over this and occasionally the city workers dump loose gravel into it. Thereby "fixing" it for about three hours.

    Kind of makes you not want to pay city taxes.

  • 3780 Library Rd Castle Shannon, PA 15234 - Castle Shannon
    Numerous potholes caused by installation of pipes.