Pothole Watch

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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

Notified About

  • Ridge Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15205, USA - Allegheny County
    The roads in Settler's Cabin park are HORRIBLE! Massive pot holes, rough patches everywhere.
  • 1500 Shady Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA - Squirrel Hill North
    Be careful here, there is a string of holes that is very difficult to avoid with the snow banks to the side.
  • 3529 Bocktown Rd PA 15001 - Beaver County
  • 101-199 15th St Sharpsburg, PA 15215, USA - Sharpsburg
    multiple large holes in the ground!
  • 3939 Bigelow Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - Terrace Village
  • La Roche College McCandless Township, PA - McCandless Township
    There's a pothole that has to be about a yard in diameter in the second row of parking spaces. This pothole has been here for some time (I first saw it in the fall) but has gotten bigger and deeper. It's so bad there is litter in this hole--so this is a double call to action (both for the sake of our tires/sanity and the environment!)
  • 170 43rd St Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA - Central Lawrenceville
    Pretty torn up.
  • 601-699 Delafield Ave Fox Chapel, PA 15215, USA - Allegheny County
    A huge massive pothole on Delafield Road coming off 28. It is located near the underpass of 28.
  • 5669-5725 Grand Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15225, USA - US Congressional District PA14
    The right hand lane of street from bridge to 79 north bound on ramp is just a mass of Potholes.
  • 601-799 W Bruceton Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA - Jefferson Hills
    The potholes on this road will slow you down to a staggering pace. They throw you all over the road and there isn't anywhere to go to avoid them because they are all over the road.
  • 200-298 Nichol Ave McKees Rocks, PA 15136, USA - Stowe Township
    the worse road in allegheny county.
  • 11-45 Tunnel St Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Central Business District
    There are several large, deep potholes on the 6th Avenue exit off of I-579 S (Veteran's Bridge). The potholes are mostly where the exit splits - it curves left to go toward Mellon Arena and also goes straight past the U.S. Steel building toward the intersection of 6th Avenue and Ross St. These were recently filled in but are now larger and deeper because of the snow/plowing.