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  • 100-116 Mc Kee Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Oakland
    As soon as you turn left off of Fifth Ave. and onto McKee Pl., there is a giant pothole at the turn. It is wide and deep and hard to avoid without hitting the curb or running into a car waiting at the light. For people who don't know it's there, you cannot see it in advance because it's "on the turn" so it could definately cause an accitdent.
  • Route 51 - Allegheny County
    pot hole going south bound on rt 51 past 51 south mini storage before getting to bridge
  • POTHOLE Open
    Penn Lincoln Pkwy Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Bluff
    2-3 HUGE POTHOLES in the LEFT FAST LANE... about a 1/4 mile from the Oakland Exit.
  • 911 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15218, USA - Regent Square
    Both lanes need some serious repair on Braddock in this area from Forbes to Overton
  • 134-298 Bothwell Rd Greensburg, PA 15601, USA - Westmoreland County
    9/28/10-Update: Several days after starting the slow, arduous task of replacing a small bridge, road crews patched a number of the major potholes in the road and worked on the leveling of the drainage ditch. Improvement, but shoulders are still in poor condition and need grading and crushed stone. Sure hope this road is on someones to-do list for resurfacing.
    8/26/10 Update: Bridge replacement has started 8/16/10. Hope they plan on doing something with the road also, but I have my doubts.
    This short road, about 1 mile, is a nightmare of potholes, deep, rough shoulders and a drainage intake at the 90 degree bend that is at least 6" below the road surface. Hempfield Twp. needs to take immediate action on this narrow, dangerous road.
  • 119-421 Allison Hollow Rd Houston, PA 15342, USA - US Congressional District PA12
    allison hollow is a mess pot holes everywhere course its been bad for years hopin the township will get on it to fix all the potholes.
  • 2188-2198 Washington Rd Canonsburg, PA 15317, USA - US Congressional District PA18
    pot holes were fixed now they are back.
  • 423-529 Bethel Ridge Rd Burgettstown, PA 15021, USA - US Congressional District PA18
    bethel ridge has been terrible all winter pot holes everywhere.
  • 7015 Reynolds St Pittsburgh, PA 15208 - Point Breeze
    From approx. S.Murtland to S.Lang, a series of potholes along the right hand side of the road
  • Cleveland Ave & Pond - Summer Hill
    Potholes on clevleand ave which becomes pond way. Go down highridge and loop to cleveland
  • 436 Morewood Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Shadyside
    in front of Winchester Thursten School..a series of deep ruts and potholes...this is BAD!
  • pothole Open
    218 Park Ave Ben Avon, PA 15202 - Ben Avon
    large pothole for years