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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

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  • 2718 Churchview Ave Brentwood, PA - Brentwood
    Mark Nix Plumbing Trucks are always blocking the sidewalk every weekday.
    It is a complete blind spot to walk out into Sankey from behind his commercial vehicles.
    But there is rarely enough room to even squeeze by on the sidewalk. One day I bumped into his passenger mirror while trying to squeeze through his truck and the building wall
    And he became belligerent and started screaming at me. I have pictures of his trucks on the sidewalk that go back years. In my opinion he simply does not care about anyone else’s safety over his own laziness.
  • Huge PotHole Archived
    4924-4998 Wallingford St Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Shadyside
    Morewood St between Winchester Thurston and Centre Ave - Huge
  • Carnegie PA 15106, USA - Carnegie
    The exit ramp which takes drivers from the parkway overpass up to Carnegie Office Park is filled with potholes. There are so many that hitting at least one is unavoidable. They are extremely deep as well. I feel like my tires are going to fall off if I hit one.
  • 587 Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There is this major pothole on the right lane (if you were going down towards Liberty Bridge). It comes out of no where, and there are multiple hub caps along that spot too.
  • 2251 Smallman St Pittsburgh, PA 15222 - Strip District
    shoulder/berm of road from 22nd to 27th on Smallman needs repair. major bikeway - very difficult to ride. from downtown towards lawrenceville, on right hand side. It has been like this for over a year -- and this is a main artery for bike commuters!!
  • 635 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA - Regent Square
    There is a deep pothole at the corner of Guthrie and Braddock. Many cars enter Braddock at this corner and it is very difficult to avoid the pothole.
  • Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - South Shore
    Big lane-wide hole to watch out for if you're coming down the hill.
  • 44-140 Pennsylvania 88 Point Marion, PA 15474, USA - Point Marion
    This "pothole" essentially spans both lanes of SR 88 adjacent to Subway. It is deep enough that most cars cannot navigate w/o scraping the undercarraige.
  • This road is completely covered in pot holes. So bad that UPS and EMS and the local Fire Company have trouble doing their jobs. There are plenty of people with medical conditions on this road and it make it hard for personnel to respond to emergencies. Not to mention the damage done to the residents vehicles.
  • 514 W 5th Ave McKeesport, PA 15132, USA - McKeesport
    This 4 lane main artery has been neglected for 50 years. 6 blocks of never ending potholes that you can't dodge. 1 pothole for every 1 foot of driving and no repairs in sight! Since the recent snowfall it is now 1 pothole for every inch of road.
  • Greenfield Bridge Pittsburgh, PA 15207, USA - Squirrel Hill South
  • Johnanna Rd Pittsburgh, PA - Ross Township
    At the entrance of Johnanna Rd off of McKnight Rd there are several deep potholes and the grating sewage system is uneven and dangerous. This is very dangerous for people turning off of McKnight Rd because they have to take the turn so slowly and traffic on McKnight moves so fast. An accident is bound to happen soon.