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Do you know of any potholes that plague your drive to work? Let others know by reporting them on WPXI.com with our Pothole Tracker.

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  • 3303 Ac Riddle Alpine Morgantown WV 26505, United States - Monongalia County
    Massive ditches and potholes on riddle ave, causes bottoming out and cars driving 10mph to avoid damage, starts from pineview drive to Tremont Street on Riddle ave.
  • Pothole Archived
    3000 Pitchfork Ln McKees Rocks, PA 15136, USA - Kennedy Township
    A big pothole has formed at the intersection of Clever Road and Pitchfork. It is a hassel for all those who have to turn and drive up or down Pitchfork.
  • HUGE POTHOLES Archived
    814 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA - Regent Square
    HUGE POTHOLES on s. braddock Frick Park side
  • 2425-2491 Pennsylvania 50 Green Tree, PA 15220, USA - Green Tree
    many potholes in this area
  • 6608 5th Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Point Breeze
    A deep pothole in the right hand lane heading south on Fifth Avenue near intersection of Beechwood and Fifth Ave. It seems to be around a manhole cover.
  • 1261 Banksville Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15216 - Beechview
    Crane ave from Banksville Road is a mess in spots from Banksville road to Route 51. Road needs paved most of the way. In the summer the weeds on the side of the road grow out over the road causing people to go over the center line along with the ruts causing the behavior.
  • Potholes Archived
    Moon Twp Coraopolis PA - Allegheny County
    A lot of small to medium sized potholes starting from the top of Thorn Run Rd hill going down the hill
  • holes Archived
    575 W End Ave Coraopolis, PA 15108 - Coraopolis
    Two potholes right next to each other due to a section of the road cut out in the fall and has never been patched up
  • Melville Way Pittsburgh, PA - Lower Lawrenceville
  • Beaver Ave Ramp Pittsburgh, PA - Chateau
    The whole bend taking you to 279 south is a boatload of potholes. Have seen numerous cars almost crash trying to avoid wholes and deep dips!
  • POTHOLES!!! Archived
    3713 Foster St Pittsburgh, PA 15201 - Lower Lawrenceville
  • East St - Perry North
    the man hole is at least 7 inches up from level ground. cars could scrap the underneath. it needs to be fixed. it has been like this for a long while. It just keeps getting worse.