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  • Driveways Archived
    229 South Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    Green space filled in with cement.
  • Driveways Archived
    214 Bowers Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    Would like to know whether the resident at 214 Bowers Street is within his legal right to place cones directly on the street at both sides of his driveway? He purposely places the cones beyond the width of his driveway which essentially decreases on street parking capacity for those of us who need to park our cars on the street. You can see from the pictures how far he has extended what he believes to be his property, including painting each curb at least 1 foot beyond what is actually his driveway. To make matters worse, he rarely parks his car in the driveway, and typically parks on the street in front of his driveway. While I understand that parking his car on the street in front of his driveway is his prerogative he should not force the rest of the community to comply with his demands. On street parking in the Heights is difficult problem to begin with on a daily basis and now we have to deal with an owners who feel they how a right to encroach on the street, too ? Every day he places these cones on the street and pushes them further back every chance he gets. Is this even legal ?
  • 464-492 Palisade Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights

    There are multiple homeless people loitering and sleeping on the south side of Riverview park every night. The main issue is that they urinate and defecate in the fenced off triangle section which smells terrible now when you walk by.

    They also leave all of their trash on the ground when they leave for the day, especially their empty bottles of alcohol.

  • 366 New York Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    A family of 7 skunks live in a den in this horrendous yard... a very dangerous problem for all the homes in this area... their owners... the kids that play in these yards... the pets... and a large flea problem... this is a symptom of the larger problem which is the owners of this ramschakle 150 year old fire trap will not let you in as the “house” is a fire trap loaded with combustible junk dating back 100 years... please come prepared to do something about this... I have a videothat I could not upload to this site. Avideo of 7 skunks entering their den by the tree in 366 New York Ave. yard.
  • 502 Palisade Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    The tall slide on the jungle gym closest to Palisade, some of the pieces are starting to disconnect and cause gaps. I saw a few kids hurt their fingers going down because they got caught in the gaps. It's currently a hazard and will only break completely in a short time. The biggest pieces coming apart are at the very top and very bottom of the slide.
  • 103 Griffith Street Jersey City New Jersey - The Heights

    UPDATE: Name of company is AAGC.

    Everyday this construction clean up crew transfers construction waste from all over the city on this property. They work all around the clock either with jack hammers or metal cutting saws to chop up stuff. The dust and noise created by this is crazy. There doesn't seem to be any regard or propensity for anyone to abide by the law in this area. A garage next door has been converted to a bar as well and every night they have some drunken revelries. On the other side there are 16 people living in a 2 bedroom house and running an illegal daycare center. The people living there are alcoholics and drug addicts incapable of taking care of children. Emergency medical attention has been called for multiple times at this place due to over dosage problems. We are homeowners and are just sick and tired of this place.

  • 38 Congress Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    There was a bench that was put in front of the Cliff restaurant? coffee spot. This bench was to be removed by the end of November it is still there. The neighbor's and the constituents want to know who allowed this to take place again taking up valuable parking spots.
  • 189 South Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    A whole week went by and nothing has happened here they know people in the city is that why no one does anything from what i hear the whole house is filled with things fire hazard for sure something need to be done child services was called allready now the city needs to step up
  • 199 South St Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    The street is painted by a resident and clearly oversteps the boundaries. It's a free-for-all.
  • 109-115 Ogden Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    When Janet Moore park was renovated last winter the No Dogs Allowed signs were removed. Neighbors were told a dog run would be included in the renovations, but that never happened.
    I don't mind if my neighbors let their dogs in as long as they respect that a playground is for children first!
    But the dogs don't know not to go to the bathroom in the play area. All of the mulched areas reek of dog urine now. The grassy area is so covered in dog feces no one lets their kids on the grass anymore. PLEASE put up a fence on the grassy area so the dogs can still play, but our children are safe. Not my first writing on this issue. THANK YOU!
  • 17 Beach St Jersey City, NJ 07307 - The Heights
    is it legal to store a food truck trailer on the sidewalk? this is not a driveway. if a motorcycle can't be parked on a sidewalk why can a food truck trailer? just curious.
  • Driveways Archived
    27 Sherman Place Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    This has been an issue that concerns many of my neighbors. There is an exposed yellow tank (presumably holding oil) that is PERMANENTLY there. Furthermore the car is parked against it causing a hazard and interfering with the sidewalk. As I said, we have called on this issue before. First we were told that it's only a temporary tank, which it is not. It has been there for years. That does not constitute temporary. When I saw an inspector trying to make contact, he said they were never home. That does not mean you give up or forget about the dangerous issue. Order them to meet with you. I have never seen an exposed tank in the front of a property like that, It cannot be safe. It is certainly an eyesore. If it is acceptable, then it's ridiculous. The last time I sent in a complaint, I got the runaround and finally a very rude person. This time I am providing pictures and promise to follow up until something is done. I will follow this up the mayor's office. There is no way this exposed hazard with car backed up into it is considered safe. This complaint will also serve as notice if anything does happen with the tank and it's contents. We all feel it's unsafe and unreasonable to have that for everyone to see.