Delaware Department of Transportation

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  • 1805-1839 Delaware 261 Wilmington, DE 19810, USA - New Castle County
    There are several potholes in the right lane of northbound Foulk Road from Brandywine High School to just north of Silverside Road.
  • 750 Smiths Bridge Rd Wilmington, DE 19807, USA - New Castle County
    Bad, recurring pothole near Granogue on Smiths Bridge Road, near the railroad crossing. This pothole is a menace. DelDOT needs to do something drastic here - pothole constantly reappears after patching. Creating traffic headaches and damaged vehicles!
  • 309 South Dupont Road Wilmington, Delaware - New Castle County
    Several large potholes turning into one giant pothole in front of my house approximately 2 feet wide and five feet long. Location 309 S. DuPont Road, Middleboro Crest, between E. Summit Ave and East Reamer Ave. Getting worse with each bad storm and now large trucks being rerouted from Brookside Drive closure are making it worse. Needs attention very soon. Large trucks are breaking it down even more than it was. it not repaired soon, by the time winter comes it will be massive. Thank you.
  • 10 N Dupont Blvd Smyrna, DE 19977, USA - Smyrna
  • 19809 Wilmington, DE, USA - New Castle County

    I live within River Rd Park and there is a massive pothole after the second speed bump, close to 700 B River Rd. It's getting bigger week after week. This road is used by my private residence and three public buildings in the park including the United Cerebal Palsy Center. There is a second deep, but smaller pothole on the opposite side of the speed bump making them challenging to dodge.

    Please fill!!!

  • Delaware 273 Newark, DE 19702, USA - New Castle County
    Huge pot hole in the middle of the turn lane from 273 to old baltimore pike.
  • 330-362 Neverland Dr Middletown, DE, 19709, USA - New Castle County
    There is a large pothole in the turn lane for the entrance of High Hook Farms. Many drivers stay in the straight lane to avoid it and could possibly cause an accident or damage to unsuspecting vehicles that propey use the turn lane. It is a new development and shows lack of upkeep and could be detrimental to sale of houses. Needs to be fixed immediately!
  • 1112 N Bancroft Pkwy Wilmington, DE 19805, USA - Wilmington
    Bancroft Pkwy. between 11th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Pothole Archived
    2028-2064 Veale Road Wilmington, Delaware - New Castle County
    Huge pair of potholes (complete with traffic cone!)
  • 401 Continental Dr Newark, DE, 19713, USA - New Castle County

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  • 350-498 Pencader Dr Newark, DE 19702, USA - Glasgow
    Large pot hole about 2 feet in diameter has appeared over the last 2 weeks
  • 3307-3309 Silverside Rd Wilmington, DE 19803, USA - New Castle County
    Two large potholes, side by side just after you cross Shipley Rd, heading to 202 from Silverside Rd