Transportation safety in Eureka

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Watching issues created after: 2009-02-27

Tracking all safety issues related to all forms of transportation in the Eureka area for reporting to the Eureka Transportation Safety Commission

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  • Test Open
    501-547 Huntoon Street Eureka, California - Eureka
  • 2006 4th Street Eureka, CA 95501, USA - Eureka
    Street sign at 4th Street and U Street is bent and difficult to read by traffic.
  • 2555 Harris Avenue Eureka, CA - Myrtletown
    The stoplight needs to have a dedicated arrow. There are too many close calls at this light. Also, the crosswalk signal is too fast for most people to get across before it changes. Whoever engineered this one failed at a great opportunity.
  • Eureka CA, Eureka, California - Eureka
  • 1335 1713 14th St Eureka, CA - Eureka
    The patch jobs just aren't cutting it any more! Fix these pot holes!
  • 300-350 T Street Eureka, CA 95501, USA - Eureka
    This graffiti appears to be gang related.
  • Test Open
    1037 Huntoon Street Eureka, California - Eureka
    More tests.
  • 301 Fifth Street S.F. Ca. - Eureka
  • 401-449 U Street Eureka, CA 95501, USA - Eureka
    This graffiti appears to be gang related.
  • Myrtle Ave Myrtletown, CA - Myrtletown
    Increased speed limit coupled with leaving town and traveling downhill on Myrtle going east makes this intersection potentially dangerous for others turning left and right. Those turning from Hall, left, onto Myrtle have difficulty seeing over the rise on Myrtle. Those turning left onto Hall have a problem timing traffic. No traffic calming measures are proposed at this time. A median or other tool could be used to slow traffic approaching this intersection from the west on Myrtle. Several neighbors have complained so far regarding potential dangers of this intersection. The County of Humboldt has said they will look into the problem and set up a speed trailer to acquire warrants but no action has been taken thus far.