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  • 900-958 Foster City Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City
    There need to be fences along the lagoon where the sidewalk runs along the lagoon edge. A child could easily accidentally fall in while walking or biking. I rented kayaks through California Windsurfing yesterday and they told me the lagoon is 8-10 feet deep? This is a serious safety issue.
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    968 East Hillsdale Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City
    Now that the weather is better I am noticing more people who walk through the park smoking. We often walk and exercise with our children and find the smoking to be a hazard. I have not noticed any "No Smoking" signs along the boardwalk or in the amphitheater area. Can they be installed or is there another way to see that people do not smoke in the park?
  • 1998 Beach Park Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    Water waste / Loss state resource supply quantity
  • 1101 E Hillsdale Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    The traffic on E Hillsdale and Foster City Blvd/3rd Ave has increased substantially because people are cutting through FC to avoid the 92/101 interchange. They get off on Hillsdale or 3rd and congest E Hillsdale, our east bound 92 onramp, and Foster City Blvd/3rd Ave. Can we do anything about this? I know Los Gatos is able to close an on/off ramp to prevent traffic congestion related to people cutting through LG to avoid the 17/85 interchange.
  • 800 Metro Center Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City

    I called public works on 9/14/2018 and was transferred to engineering and spoke with Lawrence (Tam, I believe), to report an issue where I was nearly hit in the crosswalk that spans Metro Center Drive. I was told I would be contacted after an investigation, but have not heard back.

    I reported that the crosswalk that crosses Metro Center Drive at Gateway Drive is unsafe for pedestrians to cross as it is only indicated by brown bricks, and a small pedestrian sign in the middle of the road. There is no reflective paint or dots to make the crosswalk visible to drivers. In addition, vehicles traveling this stretch are traveling at a high rate of speed into or out of a curve in the road.

    I would like this issue to be investigated and for the crosswalk to have additional safety and visibility elements added.

    I have attached a screen shot of a 16 second video I took of two people attempting to cross in the crosswalk at 6:30pm on 10/30/2018 in moderate traffic. The car in the video did not stop. In addition there were more cars that did not stop, not pictured in the screen shot.

  • 969g Edgewater Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    I am just curious why Edgewater Place is not required to paint the business fronts/complex? Citibank looks particularly washed out and needs paint. Thank you.
  • Alma Ln Foster City, California - Foster City
    Where and when will the US Post Office ever re-open? This is ridiculous to be w/o an important and vital service for our City. What is FC Gov't doing to resolve this? No PO since end-January, does anyone care you have to drive to San Mateo thru traffic all the time? !
  • Foster City CA, Foster City, California - Foster City
    Another one
  • Edgewater Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    state resource water supply diminished / waste to LOSS
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    1040 E Hillsdale Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    The new bike lane has a huge arrow in the far right lane pointing toward the middle lane to indicate the right lane is only for right turns. On two occasions while in the middle lane, I have almost been hit by cars following the arrow without slowing or signaling a lane change. Some seem to think that following the arrow requires no signal or looking to check for cars in the middle lane. It is a hazard.
  • 887–899 E Hillsdale Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
  • 119 Goldhunter Ct Foster City, California - Foster City
    the tenant has been running airbnb type lodging business for about two years as soon as they moved in. I filed a complaint over a year ago and, upon city's investigation, they pulled off airbnb and other ads. But the activities have never stopped and even escalated. Now there are average 7-8 cars, 1-2 motorcycles and multiple uber dropoff and pickups every day. Cars often parked and left in the middle of night with young men and women in and out. I have talked to neighbors and we are all concerned about the safety and parking congestions in this supposedly quiet cul de sac area. The tenant's self claim that they only host visiting friends are total BS and we are all willing to confront them directly if necessary. Let us know if you need further evidence, thank you.