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  • Pothole Archived
    2601 Glenwood Road Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Large pothole in center of Glenwood Road in front of our building.
  • 689 E 17 St kings, NY - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Hurricane Irene destroyed a large section of sidewalk (311 cases C1-1-686909843 and 1-1-690358532). DDC came by 9/10/11 and left a notice (#72) that they would repair. 1 week later, pedestrians are still walking in traffic because sidewalk is impassible and creates a dangerous situation.
  • 706 Westminster Road Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40

    Taxis and Car services routinely park illegally, perform illegal activities such as taxi maintenance and repairs and in addition many drivers routinely dump large quantities of garbage onto the street and sidewalks while cleaning out their taxis. I have spent the last 2 1/2 years perpetually cleaning up their garbage multiple times a day. I humbly request that CB14 assist in getting the city to upgrade the No Parking sign to a No Standing sign to dissuade taxis and car services from routinely breaking the law. a No Parking sign simply doesn't offer enough disincentives to parking there.

    The garbage piling up daily is an incredible eyesore, and I along with many resident's on westminster and glenwood road can not stand to see the large accumulations. Please help!

  • 28th And Madison new york , NY - Gramercy
    Two manholes are loose on 28th street, right before the intersection at Madison, in front of the stoplights. Every time a vehicle drive over the manholes, which is all the time, nonstop, 24/7, there is an terribly loud clanging noise, akin to construction. Have not slept in weeks and am slowly losing my mind from the noise, to the point where am about to buy an orange cone and place it on the manholes so that vehicles have to drive around it. The noise is so loud and painful that I have lost sleep and productive hours at work.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    101 E 14 St New York, NY - Union Square
    Deep Hole and someone fell in and broke foot.
  • 1146 Ogden Ave Bronx, NY 10452, USA - High Bridge

    Not only has 1146 OGDEN, LLC succeeded in turning 1146 Ogden Avenue into a homeless hotel, but they have now gone so far as to shut off the hot water in the entire building for all apartments between the hours of 10:00PM and 6:30AM. HPD is aware of the problem and even issued a violation when I was able to get an inspector to inspect the issue in my apartment recently, but beyond issuing violations, HPD is rather impotent, which is typical of most NYC agencies.

    Since acquiring the property at 1146 Ogden Avenue, 1146 OGDEN, LLC, aka STADIUM HOLDINGS, LLC, aka NEW CITY MANAGEMENT, LLC, has been rather negligent and unwilling to address hazardous and unlawful conditions with the building and within the apartments. The number of open violations against 1146 OGDEN, LLC is horrific! For example, the lock on the front door of the building has been broken for more than two months, yet management is unwilling to do anything about it, due to the fact that so many homeless families now live in the building -- these families are highly unlikely to complain about anything. The overall cleanliness of the building his plummeted noticeably over the last two years.
    It's sinful how landlords like this are allowed to not only make sickening profits by any means available, but also how New York City and New York State agencies are so slow to take punitive action against these type of slumlords!

  • manhole cover Archived
    Main St 560 new york, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Since the last construction on a Main Street the manhole cover in front of 560 make an incredible noise. Passing this cover cars make an unpleasant double CLICK very audible for the whole neighborhood.
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    For the whole two miles east from the Holland Tunnel all the way past Chrystie Street, traffic is three cars wide and the drivers block each grid throughout weekends, and THEY HONK CONTINUOUSLY.
    Rarely traffic cops are assigned to direct the flow, though cops are sometimes observing cell phone use of drivers, they usually stay in the shade in a group of 4, or inside their cars parked on the sidestreet. The honking noise is horrible. There are DOT signs posted that there is a '$350 FINE FOR HONKING' , at Broadway and Broome, and two 'NO HONKING SIGNS" up Lafayette and Prince near the Fire Department, and why is a 'NO HONKING $350 FINE' sign posted on Thompson Street (West of West Broadway) a one-lane North-South street?! WHY don't they enforce the no honking and get those good fines?
  • 850 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
  • West 31st Street Bet. 8th & 7th. New York, New York - Tribeca
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 555 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Please mark a specific area for 10 minutes loading/unloading cars in front of Island House.
    Residents of this building have real difficult time unloading their groceries from their cars, when they get home.
    Metered parking in front of Island house is not always available.
    The entire parking space in front of Island House is reserved for the Public Safety fleet (in my opinion 1-2 of their vehicles should be parked there for emergencies but no more).
    This would free 2 spots specifically for Island House residents for the only purpose of unloading their groceries for 10 minutes only.
    The way it is right now, people do stop their vehicles for unloading groceries in the spots reserved for PS, or in front of the hydrant, or double park causing traffic problems.
  • 502 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    On this stretch of CIA, there are constantly cars parked perpendicular to traffic jutting out into traffic, causing backups and potential accidents. This is just one example, but any time you drive down CIA you'll see the same.