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  • 250-298 West 240th Street New York - Riverdale
    On Holland Ave and arnow Ave, on a daily basis drivers speed through this residential area at over 40 mph which is dangerous to the children in the area. There are some pot holes yes but truly what is needed is speed bumps to help limit drivers and reduce speeds in this area.
  • Major Deegan Exit Fordham Heights bronx new york, NY - Fordham
    The exit towards manhattan has multiple potholes and has been for over 10 years
  • Pothole Open
    2711 Holland Avenue New York - Williams Bridge
    After conedison dig some digging but never fixed the pot holes
  • 1-85 Sharon St Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 34
    Enough salt put down for the year put down for one storm. Harms environment and is dangerous for pets. This is on NYC city park sidewalks. Waste and lazy use of resources. This is harmful and sets a bad example to the neighbor hood as to how to properly use this potentially harmful material
  • Pothole Open
    58-74 E 47th St New York, NY 10017, USA - Midtown