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  • 502 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    On this stretch of CIA, there are constantly cars parked perpendicular to traffic jutting out into traffic, causing backups and potential accidents. This is just one example, but any time you drive down CIA you'll see the same.
  • Newkirk Plaza New York, New York - City Council District 40

    Pigeons are not just roosting, but increasingly NESTING on the north side of both northbound and southbound subway platforms DIRECTLY OVER the waiting area, although the problem is FAR worse on the northbound platform.

    The pigeon spikes that were put up long ago are in disrepair, the pigeon wire that had been up has for some reason been removed completely, and 'repairs' over the last year involved putting up sturdy NETTING (!) and wooden boards DIRECTLY over the platform that have become enormous pigeon NESTS.

    Not surprisingly, the platform is COVERED with feces and has been for MONTHS.

    The area was already a problem because of open roosting areas under the overpass (across the tracks from the waiting areas), which have always needed pigeon spikes, but the situation with the nests now over the tracks is now completely out of control.

    This is all totally gross, a health hazard, and a falling poop hazard, especially for passengers who are exiting trains.

    After months of a worsening condition the MTA has been completely unresponsive other than a letter acknowledging receipt of a complaint months ago (the platforms obviously haven't even been cleaned in months).

    Is there another avenue to getting some action taken, and soon?

    (Photo below shows netting, now covered in feces, where pigeons are nesting over the northbound platform)

  • 302 Bowery - Greenwich Village
    302 Bowery Patrica Fields a/c noise complaint. A/C located in the yard btwn Bowery & Elizabeth so loud you can't hear your TV 3 stories above ground flr. Needs to be repaired
  • 740-744 Broadway New York, NY 10003, USA - Greenwich Village
    This hole could swallow a small child! Or at least the wheel of an unfortunate cyclist. This is an accident waiting to happen, please vote to fix.
  • 888 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    There is a very large hole next to the south end of the east side of the tennis court. It is right next to the storm drain by the big tree. It is hard to see because the grass covers the edges. My dog fell in it and I am afraid one of the children playing tennis is going to get hurt! It really needs to be filled in with dirt and rocks before someone gets hurt!
  • Whitestone Expressway Queens, NY - City Council District 19
    Going southbound, after the Whitestone Bridge, at the split of 678/Cross Island Pkwy, there is a HUGE bump (not a pothole, but a raised hump in the road) in the middle lane (the lane that splits to go to either highway). It is directly in the path of the right-hand side wheels of your car if you are continuing to 678. To avoid it, I have to stay in the left-hand side of the lane which is dangerous as other drivers may assume I'm going to the Cross Island Pkwy. This is a very dangerous bump and should be smoothed out!
  • 159th St Queens, NY 11433, USA - City Council District 28
    159th Street between Meyer ave and 111th ave needs to be repaired. The street is uneven causing flooding when it rains. I have notified the city since I moved here 6 years ago, nothing has ever been done.
  • 1807 Ditmas Avenue - City Council District 40

    House at corner of Ditmas Avenue and E. 18 Street has badly cracked sidewalks on both the avenue and the street.
    Walking is hazardous.

    Why has this homeowner not been issued a citation. and the city taken the responsibility of having it repaired?? Does someone have to break a leg? I did in fact upload a photo of the crumbling sidewalk. The condition is getting worse.

  • 70 Laight At - Tribeca
    Hole in street very deep and dangerous, on the north east corner of Laight & Washington Street...PLEASE FIX ASAP!
  • 430 E. 72nd Street - City Council District 5
    This manhole cover has been re-lined. No more noise.....for a while.
  • 526-538 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    there's been a big gouge pothole across the westbound lane for a while. lots of potholes on this road
  • Al Lewis Playground Roosevelt Island , New York - Roosevelt Island
    Dangerous hole in fence separating handball courts from playground. Please fix! Children run into handball games and hole isn't large enough for adult to run after them. Thank you!