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  • 1385 York Avenue new york, ny - City Council District 5
    Reported from my mobile device
  • pothole Open
    130 E 78 St New York, NY 10021 - Upper East Side
    @#$% POTHOLE.
  • pothole Archived
    33-15 75th Street 11372 - City Council District 25
    There are several potholes in the street.
  • 80-18-80-98 Linden Blvd Queens, NY 11414, USA - US Congressional District NY9
    The overpass that leads into Linden Blvd needs serious repaving. The entire overpass is loaded with potholes.
  • 1182 West Woods Road Hamden, CT - City Council District 47
    The entire stretch of West Woods Road from Whitney Avenue to Downs Road (border with Bethany) could use major repair. In some areas the entire road needs to be repaved, and has not been done in years. Previous attempts were merely quick patches, which eventually turn to bigger potholes. This road is used by trucks and cars alike as a major shortcut between northern Hamden / Cheshire to Westville area of New Haven and Merritt Pkwy southbound from Westville.
    The section of W Woods Rd from Shepard Avenue to Downs is especially bad in numerous spots.
  • Pothole Open
    600 West 45th Street New York, New York - Clinton
  • noisy manhole Archived
    114 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
    a manhole on the street makes a loud clanging noise every time a car goes over it, it just started happening a few days ago.
  • Manhattan Bridge New York, NY 10002, USA - Chinatown
    Right after you cross the Bowery at the beginning of the ramp to take the upper portion of the Manhattan Bridge, there is just a ton of terrible and huge unavoidable potholes.
  • 118-140 Conover St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - Red Hook
    new pot hole on the curve from pioneer to conover st - right at the apex of the turn
  • 152 West 122nd Street New York, New York - Harlem
    152 West 122nd St. has been a private house for years, but the sign still says "no parking" because it used to be a nonprofit that got itself a parking space. This is no longer true. Please give us back these two parking spots which are needed as Harlem gets more and more crowded.
  • 190 Broadway New York, NY 10038, USA - Financial District
  • Leif Ericson Dr Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Dyker Heights
    The Belt Pkwy is a very dangerous road, with narrow lanes, limited
    or no shoulders, aggressive drivers, limited sight distances,
    bridges in terrible shape, poor, fading signage, unsafe, short
    merge lanes to get on the parkway, and low clearance overpasses.
    This road needs to lower its speed limit to 45 (note: FDR drive
    is a similar parkway, with a speed limit of 40). So the Belt Pkwy should
    not be 50, especially in the presence of Brooklyn apartment buildings, commercial areas, etc. The speed limit may be raised to 50,
    after the Knapp Street exit. From here, going eastward towards
    Queens and Long Island, the road has a wider median, and some shoulder room for emergency stopping. The entire length of this
    roadway should improve everything mentioned above, including
    more room for merging, fixing potholes, better signage, etc. The
    speed limit from the Verrazono Bridge to Knapp Street should
    be lowered to 45 mph, to enhance safety.