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  • 309 West 75th Street apt 8, New York, New York - City Council District 6

    It is already 40 days (from 9th of Jan, 2018), we don't have gas, hot water, and hitting. We don't know what to do. The landlord is explaining that DOB is the issue, but we are not sure, how the @#$% is it possible, that government can keep the whole building without gas for longer than a month???
    Can you guys suggest what to do? We have called 311, but they came and closed the cases. The landlord said, that DOB is looking into the case, and they will have to schedule the inspection and check boiler issue, and if it is right, then they will tell CoinEdison to restore the gas. THIS IS @#$%! How is this possible in 2018???


  • 210 East 58th Street New York NY, USA - Midtown
    Whole block is filled w road plates
  • Big pothole Archived
    68-7-68-9 79th St Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    I hit this big pothole last night and it looks like somebody put something in there this morning to warned other people
  • 102 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope

    This area has white lines painted showing where the bus stops end and it's ok to park. That's great, but as you drive up to an empty space, 80% of the time it's a fire hydrant. There's no way to tell whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant until you've driven past the empty space far enough to see the hydrant, holding up traffic for no reason.

    Instead, when the lines are painted, they should be changed in the 15+15 feet exclusion zone around a fire hydrant, so drivers can clearly see whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant before we get to it. Maybe change the line to red in that region, or use hash marks, etc. (I am talking about the line on the street, not the curb. The curb paint is useless when it is not visible behind parked cars.)

    This would also help us know if we're legally far enough away from the hydrant or not, fitting in more cars. This area is hard enough to find parking as it is. Cars won't have to slow down as much, reducing pollution from their exhaust and noise pollution from jerks honking behind them.

    (Ideally, this would be done everywhere that parking is scarce, but we'll start here because there are already lines being painted in this area.)

  • 63 Avenue D New York, NY - East Village
    loose manhole cover NYC Sewer
  • 19th St. & 8th Ave. New York, NY - Chelsea
    Feb. 3, 2011, 9am, nypd shaking down cyclists, issuing tickets alleging running red light ($270) w/o proof. Avoid this ambush spot if possible.
  • 2039 Creston Avenue Bronx, NY 10453 - Morris Heights
    Mount Hope Garden has been shuttered for years:
  • 156-99 New York 27 Queens, NY 11434, USA - Springfield Gardens
    This on can destroy your entire
  • George Washington Bridge & Hwy 9 New York, NY 10033, USA - Washington Heights
    Stairs from Riverside Dr to NY-9A dead-end at a fence piled with trash. This is a very dangerous situation, particularly given the seclusion and length of the stairs. The sidewalk should be cleared and the steps should be repaired to facilitate pedestrian movement between Fort Washington Park and Washington Heights.
  • Pothole Archived
    398-404 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA - Williamsburg
    Johnson is a pretty bad road for cars
  • 27th Ave New York, NY 11102 - Astoria-Long Island City
    There is an empty tree pit adjacent to the bus stop on the south side of the street. It was reported to 311 last year, but million trees/parks still has not planted a tree here. This spot needs a tree.
  • 2470 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40
    Cars that have been brought for repair to this auto shop are being routinely, repeatedly, and habitually parked on the sidewalk, making it difficult for people with disabilities or carts or strollers to pass through. This happens on the weekends as well.