South Jordan

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  • 10069 S 3640 W South Jordan, UT, 84009, USA - South Jordan
    7 or 8 orange barricade barrels are left over from construction. They have been there for months just blowing around next to Bangerter Highway. These are about 1/2 mile north of the 10400 exit. Southbound. Also an orange barrel is smashed lying on the east side of Bangerter about 100 yard south of 11400 So.
  • 10600 South Jordan Parkway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    You left a cone in the middle of a lane, forcing traffic to merge into one lane suddenly. Also, quit closing the left turn lanes near Mulligans. Makes it hard to get to work when you close those lanes with no warning whatsoever.
  • 11363 S Hereford Ct South Jordan 84009, United States - South Jordan
    Off ramp right turn to west bound 11400 is horribly timed. Intersection remains full during entire green time.
  • Striping Archived
    10651 Jerry Seiner Road South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    106th southbound on ramp. Two lanes of traffic merge before the meter light with no visual stripping or signage indicating the lanes are merging. Two lanes of traffic feed from 106th south west bound overpass and then combine into one and is improperly marked.
  • Post to Neighbors Acknowledged
    724 Shields Lane South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Road backs up for hours every day because too many damn people using single lane neighborhood street to go east/west and rotten job of construction for several years on 10600 S and congestion on 90th onramp.
  • Mountain View Corridor South Jordan, UT, 84009, USA - South Jordan
    The timing of this road is horrendous between South Jordan Pkwy and Lake Ave and even 11400. First you have to stop at South Jordan Pkway going south on Mountain View Corridor. Then without fail as it turns green and we head the few 100 feet (or so it seems) to Lake Ave and without fail as head to this light IT TURNS RED. Talk about stop and go. Perhaps try to time this to turn green as the traffic is approaching it. The people waiting to exit their subdivision can wait.
  • W 10400 S & S 3010 W South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Someone is throwing rocks over the stone/brick wall from the south side of the road onto 10400 South 3010 West approximately.
  • Signage Archived
    3401–3449 W South Jordan Pkwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan
    Eastbound lanes, need a no U-Turn sign for NB turn lanes. Traffic is building up and too many close calls are happening for those turning right to head to Bangeter.
  • Bangerter Hwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan
    Deer on the left side of the road right after the underpass
  • Signage Archived
    11400 Bangerter Highway South Jordan, UT - South Jordan
    The signage for the interchange is only for Eastbound there is no signage for the Westbound. It is confusing to motorist.
  • 3622 South Jordan Parkway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    I had to wait through 3 lights eastbound while waiting to turn left, Northbound. Traffic to turn left was backed up to Nielson frozen custard.
  • Other Archived
    10400 S 1300 W South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    On 10400 South heading East Bound approaching 1300 West in the far right lane just before the cross-walk on 10400 South. There is metal looking bar sticking up out of the roadway. Please address. Kristine (801) 471-6116 would like a phone call back stating that this has been taken care of and the metal has been removed.