South Jordan

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  • Red light Archived
    South Jordan Parkway And Grandville South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The light stays red on South Jordan Parkway And Grandville even though Grandville is not yet a cross street
  • 1698 South Jordan Parkway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Left turn lane going east bound but turning north does not get green and skipped. I have seen this several times. I think it may be an issue with the vehicle detection. I think most times the right of the two turn lanes did not have the car to the line but the left one did. The light still did not turn, waited 3 rounds before switching lanes and then a u turn and then a right to go north. I live on 2700 west and i see this all the time
  • Other Acknowledged
    W Daybreak Pkwy South Jordan, UT, 84009, USA - South Jordan
    11800 south at Mountain View, intersection backs up on itself.
  • 5201 Daybreak Parkway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Red Light at left lane of intersection of daybreak Pkwy/ northbound mtn view (to go straight before turning left) is out
  • 180 W 11400 S Sandy, UT 84070, USA - South Jordan
    All lanes westbound backed up
  • Pothole Open
    9983 S Dunsinane Dr South Jordan, UT - South Jordan
    It's a pothole.
  • Temple Lane And Redwood Road South jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The traffic signal at this intersection needs attention. The light turns red on busy Redwood Road (green for Temple Lane) when no traffic is present on Temple Lane. And the light stays red for a lengthy time. When the light finally turned green this morning, I watched in my rear view mirror as I headed north on Redwood Rd and noticed that the light at Temple Lane turned red again about 15-20 seconds later and again, no traffic on Temple Lane. The light appears to be malfunctioning.
  • 11400 S. Redwood Road South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The southbound left turn signal stays on for quite a while and there are no cars turning left. It is very frustrating to sit and wait for NO ONE!
  • 1625 W 11400 S South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Only 3 cars can turn left before red. Multiple cars inline to go.
  • Rosecrest Road Mountain View corridor , Herriman, Utah - South Jordan

    This is the scariest intersection. Too many blind spots for those gong west and north on Rosecrest Road. How many deaths and car accidents need to happen before UDOT fixes these issues?

    1) all of Mountain View corridor Needs over head lighting especially from porter Rockwell road to rosecrest.

    2) warning red light ahead: major overhead flashing lights that can’t be missed for all lights along Mountain View corridor! Especially those with hills that can not see a light coming up easily before it is too late.
    3 no turn on red lights. This will help with the major blind spots of cars turning into Mtn view corridor from
    The local neighborhoods. Someone sitting on that corner trying to turn in front of cars going 60+mph they can not see!! There is a major blind spot and cars. Red to be fully on the corner to even see what is coming. Which is a major dangerous situation. Even if a at runs a red little got and t-bones another car. That car usually ends up flying by force into this same corner. Too many accidents have been
    Reported here.

  • Mountain Vw South Jordan, UT, 84009, USA - South Jordan
    At the intersection of Mountain View and Lake Avenue (about 11400 South) the traffic signal does not always allow east/west traffic to have a green light. Many times, with ample time for the light to recognize vehicles, the light will not change green to head east or west. This is random. I have sat through three light cycles before getting a green to proceed. This traffic signal should be set the same as the one on 11800 (Daybreak Prkwy) S and Mountain View.
  • Bangerter Hwy South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Traffic signals are out at the intersection of 10600 S and Bangeter Highway. This is due to a power outage. Affect all traffic signals at this intersection. Very dangerous to try and get through due to rush hour traffic