South Jordan

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  • Veterans Memorial Highway Sandy, Utah - South Jordan
    Northbound Sign Light(s) out in this general area.
  • 1066 W South Jordan Pkwy South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    In the EASTBOUND LEFT TURN lane on 10400 South at 1055 West, (The Corner where the $3 Car Wash is on the NE CORNER), the left turn signal is very frustrating. Today, my sister-in-law sat through 3.5 signal changes before just giving up and turning left against the red light (Of course, when there was NO TRAFFIC coming!!!). There is a sign that indicates "Yield on left turn with yellow arrow", but I have NEVER seen any yellow arrow activated, nor does one get to the intersection more than once every ten times wherein you make it through the left turn with the green arrow. On top of that the timing of the signal just to the East on Baxter Lane and 10400 South is such that there are frequently occasions when NO CARS ARE EVEN CLOSE TO THE 1055 West, so it would be a perfect time for a yellow arrow to be flashing. Please investigate this left turn signal and correct what appears to have been an oversight when it was put "Online" recently.
  • Rosecrest Road/ Mountain View Corridor Herriman, Utah - South Jordan
    There needs to be flashing signs heading northbound on Mountain View corridor to warn vehicles of a red light. In addition, vehicles on Rosecrest road need a sign of “right turn only on red” when turning right into northbound Mountain View corridor. The hill before the light makes it impossible to see a car coming until it’s too late. And cars already on Mountain View corridor have to slam on their breaks because they can’t see the light far in the distance. No one else should have to lose their life over missignsigns.
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    East Veterans Memorial Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash is collecting along the freeway
  • 4497 Daybreak Rim Way South Jordan, UT 84009, USA - South Jordan
    road material was ejected from hole over night. 6 in deep, 1 foot wide hole is now present. will cause tire damage
  • 10437 S Jordan Gateway South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    The southbound left turn light only lets about 4 cars thru at a time. I have had to sit thru the light 3 times before.
  • West 11400 South South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan

    Going east or west bound, UDOT forgot a traffic light for the second Bangerter lanes. The stretch between Bangerter's north/south lanes is way too long, there needs to be another signal. It is very easy to get caught up in between Bangerter (slow traffic, trying to beat the light, cars in front of you yielding trying to make an illegal left turn) and Bangerter's traffic lights can switch to green and there is no way to know whether it is safe to still cross that second half of Bangerter. Also, someone not so familiar with the area can easily overlook that, not realizing there is another road to cross, yet there is absolutely no traffic light telling you whether it's safe or not. This needs to be the same as all the Mountain View Corridor intersections that have a fairly long stretch in between the two sets of lanes. This is such an obvious mistake. I got caught up myself the first day that the left-turn was prohibited, because the car in front of me yielded to oncoming traffic that wouldn't stop until west/east bound was red. Then I was lucky enough to realize it's not safe to cross anymore because Bangerter had since switched to green, and there was NO traffic light for me and not even a "do not turn left" sign for the car that did the illegal left turn.

    Please install the missing traffic lights, it will make this intersection a whole lot safer. Until then, this is a death trap!

  • Trash/Litter Archived
    Veterans Memorial Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash is accumulating in the plants on the side of the freeway
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    Bangerter Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash is piling up in a corner of a fence that lines the highway
  • 11323-11399 S Redwood Rd South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
  • W 10400 S & S 3200 W South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    I am writing about the north/south lights at 11400 south and 10400 south (South Jordan Parkway). When traveling north and south, these lights are a long wait. It does not matter the time of day or weekends, they are a long wait. Even on nights after 9:30PM, the wait time is the same and they are not weighted or timed based on need. This is the same issue early in the morning and late at nights. In the morning, it takes me more than 5 minutes to get from the 11400 south light through the 10400 (South Jordan Parkway) south lights. Please look at this and see if there can be an adjustment to these two stop lights.
    Thank you so much for looking into this.
    Doug Johnson
  • Camera Outage Archived
    Bangerter Hwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan